Monday 1 June 2015

Calendar Challenge - June

Hi everyone,

Here we are half way through the year already and time for
 our next part of the calendar challenge.

The words and colours had already been chosen
when I took over the blog, so I have had no say in 
the choices.  This month will be an interesting one for me
as I love the 'word' being used and have to buy any stamps,
dies, papers using this 'word'.  So I am looking forward to 
seeing what you create!

We have had 21 entries as I write this, for May, thank you
to all of you have entered, they are all lovely and I know I 
say it every month but I am so glad I don't have to pick 
the winner.  It would be too hard!

Ok, let's tell you what your next items are......


so not only do I love dragonflies, but I also love the colour
lavender too......oh this is going to be a good month 
for me!!

This is what Dawn has created for us -

Just lovely, thanks Dawn.

And Neil -

Beautiful, thank you Neil!

Why is it purple and lilac always comes out bluey on a 
photograph, now matter how you take the picture, the colour 
never stays true? 

As usual, as many entries as you like, preferably by 
the link below but if you are not able to use the link then
email me at

The link will close at midnight on Tuesday June 30th.

Winner will be picked by our Random Generator and 
announced on Thursday July 2nd.
There will be a £10 gift voucher up for grabs!

Good luck to you all.

I'll be back on Wednesday to announce the winner
of May's Calendar Challenge.

But I will see you on Tuesday with the winner of the 
last weekly challenge.

Jane x


  1. Ooh lovely. Like the colour and the theme. Great pages from the DT. Hugz

  2. Love the colour, love the Dragonflies, just have to track down the missing mojo now...

  3. Gorgeous combo this week and the DT examples are inspiring as always :o))

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I seem to "trip up" each time here, lol. I am currently doing, by coincidence, a purple/lavender colour thing with dragonflies. But of course I am not part of calendar challenge. Really hoping the next weekly one will be finally something I can join in with. I am almost making it "a mission" now, to enter a piece on this here blog. Will now go & see if anywhere my dragonflies can "fly" to....
    The DT pieces are great. Tfs

  6. Couldn't wait to to get started this month, lots of inspiration and ideas x


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