Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Frantage week: Wall art

Wall art today... and yes Michelle, I do call it "art" as it is truly beautiful and definitely deserves a place in this category. Take a few Ikea shelves, paint them, add some yummy Fran-tage products and you get yourself a lovely piece to admire for years to come. 
Want to know how? Read on.... 

I've had these ikea shelves hanging about for a while now and am fed up of seeing them clutter the house so decided to alter them. I measured the sides and cut good quality card 1mm narrower and shorter than the shelf side and adhered it with pva glue

Then did the same on the front and sides of the three shelves. 

When it was dry I covered the card with a coat of PaperArtsy Fresco Paint Vintage Lace paint then immediately blended Fresco Finish Guacamole, Dolly Mix and London Night  Paints  onto the boards so the colours ran in the same place along all three panels.

To varigate the enamel I heated areas of the embossing until it was molten again then sprinkled the darker enamel over the molten area. After shaking off the excess I then heated again to set the second application of enamel.

I picked out a few lines on the pattern and placed a thin line of Glossy Accents where I wanted to place the Frantage colour fragments. While that was drying I cut out some pieces of tissue to fit around the embossing, which had been stamped with the cover a card stamp and Versafine Olympia Green ink. 

I stuck the tissue with a fairly dry coat of watered down matt Multimedium then sealed it with another coat over the top.

I love the organic feel of the finished panels, they remind me of layers of rock and primeval landscapes. They almost look like 'real' art!

Here's what Michelle used

"almost" look like art.? 
What do you think? Let Michelle know in a comment below
See you tomorrow


  1. Gorgeous work and fantastic idea and technique. Really beatutiful.
    lovely greet

  2. great idea, it looks like art

  3. Fantastic effect for such a great wall art !

  4. If that ain't art then I don't know what is.

    Its fantastic. It really comes together at the end and everything works really well and I love the beautiful flowing lines.

  5. I love this idea - it could be translated using so many different things that we've probably all got in our cupboards!

  6. Wow looks like something you'd buy in a gallery !fantastic work :)


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