Sunday, 28 June 2015

Weekly Challenge

Morning all,

Welcome to the last Weekend Challenge for June!

Next week it will be July and don't forget that means 
Saturday will be Inspiration Day at the shop.
We will have demonstrations in the shop
featuring the wonderful Tando Creative products!

Do come and visit if you are able to.....
Di Oliver, Mrs Tando herself, will be with us,
Helen Chilton and myself!

So, what about our new challenge, what will it be
 this time??

Well I think we should stick with stars and stripes but
I reckon you should pick stars OR stripes!  You can't 
have both! Haha!!

So that is your challenge for the week, stars or stripes 
on anything you like!  You choose!

Entries, as many as you like, via the link below, if possible or
 email me at

You have one week, entries will close at midnight
Sunday 5th July. 

Mr Random Generator will pick the winner who 
will be announced on Tuesday 7th July.

Good luck to you all,

Jane x

Adding these pics as something happened to the link!
I'd like to blame it on the link but it was probably me!!
Sorry to those who found it closed......

10, 11,12 Butterfliecrafter

13 Maggie

14 Kristiina

15 Linda 49


  1. Oh goody, I'm feeling very stripey. Got to do a bow first though. Yes, I know, leaving it to the last minute again. Just so busy busy at the moment and haven't seemed to be able to fit a bow in anywhere. Till now. Hugz

  2. I hope the star at the top of my Christmas trees count???? xxx

  3. I still have one entry, but the collection has closed even though it's only Sunday morning :(

  4. I am in the same position as Kristina. On the blog it says closed 9pm on Sunday 5th !!!!!!

  5. same here, wanted to link my entry just now and am surprised it is closed??

  6. Just went to link my entry to find it had closed early. :(
    My entry can be found here

  7. Ok not sure what has happened to the link, you will all be included, don't worry!
    Jane x


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