Sunday 6 March 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016


Goodness, is it Alpha/Dictionary
Challenge again already?
Doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago
that I was writing the last post.
I think I'm getting old haha!!

So are we ready for the next letter??

Karen has picked.....


R for Karen's Rabbit
to add to her tray....

and from Dawn...

The other DT pics will be here soon!

We are getting lots of brilliant entries,
thank you so much to all of you
who take the trouble to join in
with our challenges!

You should know the rules by now!
You have two weeks, the link will close
at midnight on Sunday 20th March.  Entry
via the link where possible, if not email me
and I will add them for you!
The winner will be picked by
Random Generator and will receive
a £10 voucher.  The winner will be
announced on Tuesday 22nd March.

You need to pick a word beginning with the
chosen letter and add a definition
to your entry.  I decided it need not
be the actual dictionary definition but
a definition of some sort!! I thought this
might prove interesting and amusing plus be
slightly different for those who have already
played along with this Challenge before.
I am sensing that some of you are not 
altogether happy with this idea?  Should
we go back to the original rules then??
Do let me know!
You can use any language for your 
definition, it does not have to 
be English!

Hope that all makes sense!

To all the mum's out there, have 
a lovely day!  I was taken out for an
amazing dinner last night so my
celebrations have already started!!
And to all the non-mum's have a 
lovely Sunday too, put your feet up 
and have a nice relaxing day!!

Jane xx

Just adding this picture ....

36. Eva


  1. Happy Mother's Day Jane and fellow participants. OOOh I've done the letter R before on a Facebook group but will do a new one for this challenge. Now that I have ripped an old dictionary up to get my first definition I don't mind carrying on adding one Jane - infact I think it adds more to my book so I will continue to add one now I've started. Don't know what others think. Have a lovely Mother's Day all and thank you to Sandy for my fab dies that I bought with the voucher I won - ooooh I love them so much. Annie xxx

  2. Alpha/dictionary challenge. Pick a letter, add a definition and some images that relate to the aforesaid. Job done. Still got an L to do but I have a rabbit in mind. Hugz

  3. The added options for this challenge are fine. Choices are always good. Choose which works best for you and enjoy the artsy playtime.

  4. If it's a dictionary challenge it ought to have some sort of definition on it. This is meant to be a challenge and the rules are not that difficult to comply with.

  5. I'm so sorry to have not found the time to join in the alpha/dictionary challenge yet... I know it can be easy to do, but I want to do too much I think at the moment, and easy makes are not really my comfort zone.
    Wanted to add also that I love the little Rabbit and lovely sample made by Karen!!! Simply adorable :)
    Coco x

  6. I would prefer the original rules if I am really honest - as has been said above it is a dictionary challenge, and therefore should really have a dictionary definition. I don't join in with any other challenges apart from the occasional 2 weekly one on here due to time restrictions, but I do like to spend a little time on this one and use the original rules! That said I realise you will probably have a lot more entrants if there is the choice available! xx

  7. I too would like to keep where we started....I spend some time making my pieces and even bought an old dictionary for it so please keep the same rules xx


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