Sunday 20 March 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016


Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!

It's Sunday and that means Challenge Day
and this time it is The Alpha/Dictionary

Time for a new letter me thinks!

I have been getting our DT to pick
the letters and today it is Neil's
turn and he has gone for the letter....


So that is what we are going for, the 
letter G with no twists but be prepared for 
some twists coming up soon!!

Karen has added this lovely Giraffe
to her tray!

and this to be added to Neil's book..

So what will you go for?
Garden, Gloves, Gold....
oooh the list is endless and I'd love to know
how you choose what word you decide on!

The rules -
Ok, Sandy and I have had a chat about the
rules, originally, we said that you needed 
to add into your project, the dictionary
definition.  This is how the challenge was 
run last time.  I had a few enquiries about
changing it slightly to include a fun or different
definition rather than the dictionary definition,
 just so that it gave a bit of variety 
 from last time for those who have already
taken part.
I thought this might be a fun way of just
 changing the rules slightly.  Sandy has agreed
so for those of you who want to use your own 
definition, that is fine!  Go for it!
You have two weeks, the link will close 
at midnight on Sunday 3rd April.
Entries via the link or send your pics to
and as many entries as you like!
The winner will be announced on Tuesday 
5th April and will be picked by 
Random Generator!

So pick your G word and go for it!!

See you soon,

Jane x

Adding this pic...

35. Eva


  1. ah the letter G with no twists - think I can cope with that - no idea what letter to choose but will certainly have fun deciding. Happy First day of Spring. Annie xxx

  2. Love Karens giraffe. It will be nice to see the whole of her tray ag the end of the year. Hugz

  3. Well, I was spluttering in my coffee this morning! Having chosen to use my Giraffe for my R word what will I do now?


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