Friday, 2 June 2017



Hi Everyone!

Hope everything is on
track for you - all going
smoothly here

In fact, I am even contemplating
digging out the sewing machine
Shall reserve this exercise for a
rainy day - hope I can still 
remember how to thread it.....'s been a while.....

Craftyfield is joining us today
with a rather nice tutorial using
the lovely Starlight Textile Paints

"When I received the new Starlight Textile
 paints and a lenght of calico from 
the Craft Barn I settled down to test 
my new materials.

 In this first piece, I applied a mix of Starlight 
with a slightly wet sponge. 

I noticed that the darker Starlights were 
not as shiny as the Pearl but I 
guess it's necessary to give a good depth 
of colour.  Also, by using a sponge, 
I only applied a thin layer and the metal flakes
 in the paint are spread over a larger area 
for a more discreet look

In my second experiment, I wanted to combine 
the textile Starlights and So soft paints for a
 contrast between the shiny paints and
 traditional colours. 

I used the Gelli plate to layer the stencilled 
So soft paint in Dark burgundy and 
the Starlight in Petroleum which I applied 
all over the Gelli plate (over the already 
stencilled paint). 

The technique worked well enough but the 
paint was drying too quickly for a decent print on fabric. 
The distressed look is interesting but not for 
today's project however...

 I like my makes to be useful and my cushion 
covers badly needed a replacement 
so this is what I decided to make. 

I have no sewing skills so I try to simplify 
and use shortcuts at every opportunity. 

I worked out my cushion design to include 
a velcro closure as the easiest one to sew, 
although I'd have plumped for snaps closures
 if I'd had the tool to set them!

I thought I'd better make up the cushion first 
before decorating to make sure the art was centered.

The velcro closure.
I haven't decorated the back, 
although this could happen in the future... 
I'd love to try the new textile sprays 
with stencils next!

I placed the stencil and used masking tape 
all around to stick it down firmly.

 A pad of scrapbook papers is ensuring the 
fabric is held taut and prevents the paint from 
oozing to the back

I created an ombre look from the center out
 adding Pearl incrementally to the Petroleum 
with a palette knife. 

Unlike my previous tests the paint is a 
lot thicker which gives a lot more shine 
as well as a 3D look.

See how the ombre gradation emphasises the
 impression of a rotating wheel. 
In fact, my other half can't bear to look at it!

For a bonus project, do come by to my blog 
to see what I did with one of my test pieces !"

here's one already sewn up for you
or pick from a selection of fabric bags here

Super tutorial Craftyfield
I have to agree with your
other half - that stencil is
quite mesmerising just
looking at it on screen
..........!  What a fabulous
effect that is - thank you

I can see I shall have to invest
in that stencil...........

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

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