Thursday 8 June 2017

One for the Boys

One for the Boys

Hallo Everyone!

Today we have Claire Jackson
with another Seth Apter inspired 
project for you.  Oooh, I can't wait
to see what she has made for us ....

"Settle down with a cuppa as this 
is quite a long post! 

I’ve gone into a fair bit of detail so that
 you can see how the layers build up, 
but really it is a very simple mono printing 
technique that I have used.

 I started with the Tando Kate Crane 7 Piece Planner 
made from really robust board. 

I covered alternate pages with black or white gesso, 
not worrying about mixing the colours or picking up
 blobs of paint on the way.

With the black gesso left on the craft mat 
I pressed a white page onto it to lift some of the paint. 

I lifted as much black paint as possible onto 
the white pages before a little spritz with water. 
You can see the difference in the patterns 
when the paint was wetter.

I repeated the process with the black pages; 
painting white gesso directly onto the craft mat 
and pressing the pages onto it.

I used PaperArtsy’s limited edition of Seth Apter paints,
 with addition of mermaid and snowflake.

I continued to build up layers by brushing paint 
directly onto the craft mat and then pressing the 
pages onto the paint strokes.

The covers and inside pages 3, 4, 7, 8, 11 
and 12 were layered with green patina, 
mermaid and mudsplat...

...while the remaining pages 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 and 
10 were layered with smoked paprika and key lime. 

I didn't worry if some of the other colours were 
picked up too from the dried paint on the mat.

Steps 6 and 7 were repeated until 
I was happy with the layers and the craft mat 
looked like this...!

I used Seth Apter stamps from 
PaperArtsy and Impression Obsession.

The white pages were stamped with 
black archival ink and the black pages 
were stamped in white snowflake paint

The green patina pages were also given a
 spatter with key lime and smoked paprika.

The ‘now’ wording was stamped on tissue paper
 and painted with white snowflake on the reverse. 
I added it to page 2 with gel medium so that 
it can be seen through the aperture in the front cover.

The ‘create’ wording was also stamped on tissue. 
First I painted over the letters on the reverse 
in white, then daubed some key lime and 
smoked paprika behind the circles, 
before painting over the circles with white again. 

I took care to leave the edges unpainted so 
they became transparent when adhered 
with gel medium."

Materials used:

Tando Creative: Kate Crane 7 piece planner kit
White gesso:
Black gesso:
PaperArtsy fresco finish chalk paint: Seth Apter set 2, snowflake, mermaid
 Impression Obsession Seth Apter stamps

Super project Claire thank you.
I really like the idea of alternate
pages of black and white gesso

I had been wondering what I would do
with my Kate Crane Planner Kit........

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


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