Monday, 26 November 2012

Gifts under £5 - Jane

Final week for our "gift month" with gifts under £5. You know... the quick and easy ones you can make at the last minute.. 
After all, with less than 30 days before xmas, quick and easy is probably the way to go. 
So let's start today with Jane and her really cute little box with 6 notecards and envelopes. 
That's a lovely, useful little gift.

I have left my notecards plain but if you have any little sentiment stamps, you could add Best Wishes, Thank You, whatever you like!!

You will need three pieces of A4 card. This will give you a box and 6 x 3" notecards

Make your box. I cut 2 squares measuring 5 3/4".

Using ordinary photocopier paper, make six little envelopes

Follow this pattern, scoring on the dotted lines, cutting away the excess paper and rounding off corners as marked

They will fit nicely in the box.

The notecards were decorated with Hopscotch papers

Decorate the lid of the box, add a ribbon and use a circular punch to cut out semi circles on two sides of lid

3 x A 4 sheets of card @ £0.45 each
Hopscotch papers - Puddle and Classic @ £0.90 each
Organza Ribbon @ £0.20
Several sheets of Photocopier paper

Our special offer this week: 
Each order of £ 25 or more will get a pack of free Tando Minis
added to their order.

See you tomorrow


  1. I have been meaning to make a such a gift, still haven't got around to it ! Thanks for the envelope template.

  2. Thank you Jane for this very good idea and the way of realizing it at low price ! Very nice box and notecards !! Coco x


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