Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Metal & Acetate: a few tips

Hope you had a lovely weekend. 
New week, new theme: Metal and acetate. Lovely combination to make very stylish cards (and other projects) as you will see throughout the week.
Michelle is your host today, giving you a few tips if you have never stamped on acetate (or tried and never succeeded).

Assemble everything you need before you start, be prepared and take a deep breath.........then exhale, repeat three times and you will be 'in the zone'
Seriously it does help to have everything at hand, including some alcohol ink blending solution and a bit of kitchen towel to wipe away mistakes

Make sure that your block is the right size for your stamp. If it's too big you will tend to rock when you put pressure on the stamp and it will blur.
Work with your acetate over a sheet of white paper so you can see what you are doing. 
Tip of the day
Make sure your acetate sheet is flat, if you need to crease it to make a card, do it after your stamp has dried so you are working on a perfectly flat surface.

Ink up your stamp with Stazon Ink. Holding your stamp perfectly level lower it onto your acetate (Press lightly and hold in place for a few seconds then lift gently and vertically up from the acetate holding the acetate as it sometimes sticks to the stamp. If you are using an acrylic or clear stamp try stamping without any pressure for a perfect image as they do tend to spread a little

Don't worry if you make a mistake, just wipe it off with some blending solution and a piece of kitchen towel. Leave to dry well then try again!

If you stamped vertically onto the acetate then lifted the stamp vertically from it you should have a lovely sharp image. Leave it to dry well.

To finish the card I stamped the Cover-a-card cloud stamp onto glossy card using a dye ink. After trimming it to fit my card and laying the acetate image in place to see where to stamp, I stamped the sentiment onto the cloud background.

I trimmed the acetate to fit the front of the card then attached it with a thin length of DS Tape which I then covered with a ribbon. These stamps are so beautiful they need little in the way of embellishment, the simple beauty is so very appealing!
Impression Obsession - Gary Robertson designs: Ocracoke lighthouse
Impression Obsession - Cover-a-card: Clouds
Hobby Art Clear Stamps: By The Sea
Clear Acetate - 10 sheets
StazOn ink pad - jet black

See you tomorrow 


  1. I love Gary Robertson's and all the Cover-a-Card stamps so I was already sold, however this is a simple but stunning card.

  2. Lots of great tips in this post so thanks Michelle. Fabulous card too!

    Lesley Xx


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