Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Shrink Plastic week: bracelet

How about some Shrink Plastic Jewellery today with Linda. A very simple yet effective project that is sure to impress. 
For those of you who want to "spice it up" a bit, you can always over stamp in black and add gems and charms to this project.

For Shrink Plastic week I have made an expandable bracelet ... I have used a basic design but there are so many possibilities.
Using either a heat gun or baking the Shrink Plastic coins in the oven ... this is a great one for the children too!

1. Cut several circles from Translucent Shrink Plastic. I use a circle Nestability for ease, but you could draw around something and cut them out individually! Squares and Rectangles look great too! Punch a hole at opposite sides with your favourite hole punching tool ... remember this is going to shrink by 45% so they need to be a reasonable size

 2. Shrink the coins. I used an Acrylic Stamping block to flatten them while they are hot. Once cool add two or three colours of Alcohol Ink with a Felt Applicator. If you want a soft colour at this point blow the Alcohol Inks gently and the colour will diffuse while it dries. When the Alcohol Ink is dry stamp with Ranger Archival and a flourish stamp. Then wipe with a soft cloth. The Ink should wipe off and you will be left with a cool white pattern. I use a coloured Archival rather than black to prevent any slightly damp patches getting muddy!

3. String the coins together with Sewing Elastic placing a bead between each disk. Join the ends and tuck any stray elastic back through the bead for neatness.

Tip of the day
If you shrink the plastic first and then add the design you can wipe away any design you don't like with Blending Solution and simply start again!

Paper Artsy HP1005
Alcohol Ink: Raspberry and Lettuce
Ranger Archival in Maroon
Sewing Elastic.

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See you tomorrow


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