Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tando week: Art Journal window

Day two for our Tando week. 
I asked the team (if they could) to use the Tando products in a different way. To really think out of the box, and not necessarily use them the way they should be used. 
I think Neil did a fantastic job today with the Printer's Trays when he turned it into a window for his A4 Art Journal cover. 

Here's the printer's tray that Neil used.... 

And here's what he did with it... 

I love the Tando printer's trays but don't always want to use them as an ornamental piece so I've used them in my large journal to create windows, like this:

I've stuck pages together to get the depth needed and I've used all 3 with double acetate with items captured in between on 3 separate pages
You can see them a bit in this picture.
(Not the easiest things to photograph, even in the sun!)

I've also used just one with a card backing to create interest on this journal I made which I really like

So I thought I'd show you the basics of how to make one.
Start off with a piece of chipboard the same thickness as a single piece.
Mark out the place you want it to be and cut it out with a craft knife

Take a piece of patterned cardstock and using the waste chipboard from the aperture mark out where you want to cut out (On the reverse of the card) and cut out. (Tip: use cardstock larger than the chipboard as it is easier to have spare and then when you stick it down you can just trim away any excess)

Colour the front of the tray, I used distress stain. add the tray to the chipboard.

Cut a piece of acetate slightly larger than the tray; cover the chipboard with studio matte multi-medium; lay the acetate over the tray and lay the cardstock over that and press down

To finish the journal cover I marked and stamped onto the piece of card I'd cut out; filled the aperture with bits and bobs and stuck it down on the reverse using double sided tape. I used tissue tape to neaten all the edges and around the front of the aperture too. I used double side tape to make sure it stayed stuck down!

I used a bind it all to bind my pages and the cover together to make myself a nice A4 journal.

Materials (for journal cover)
Cardstock (I used 7 dots 12 x 12 paper)
Tim Holtz tissue tape

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Hope you enjoyed this. 
Back tomorrow with yet another jaw-dropping project
See you then ;o)


  1. Fantastic, Neil! I love how you've used this tray in your journal; and the end result is wonderful.

  2. Great idea - love Neil's work!

  3. Great use of the printer's tray. I also like the way you've used the TH washer die in the first pic. It's the sort of die that you look at & think it seems a bit boring but there's so much you can do with it.

  4. ooo this is a wonderful idea Neil!!! Perfectly executed too x

  5. Beautiful. The colours make such an impact and it looks like you were having lots of fun with it !

  6. Thats a great way to use the printers trays Neil, I love these trays, so versatile.....

  7. What a fab idea! I've always been a little intimidates by these trays but I like this use for one very much. Love the idea of capturing small, special items in the tray too. I would make a lovely keepsake.

  8. Fabulous Neil, such a great idea to use the tray in a journal.


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