Saturday, 7 September 2013

Background layering - Izzy

I know that today should be a Saturday Savers.... but it's going to be cards instead. 
There was a mix up with who had to do the Saturday Savers... so I said, it's ok, I have made cards, but I'll do a Saturday Savers too... noooo problem... 
Little did I know that I would fall down the stairs this week and really hurt myself. Nothing too serious, but a lot of bruising. So no matter how much I tried to come up with something (Thursday and Friday), it never worked.... I guess being in pain does not help with inspiration at all... well not with me. 
So I gave up and I only have the cards for you today. Hope it's ok. 
Promise.. next week, Saturday Savers will be back. 

So cards.... Impression Obsession Cover-a-Card... layering like we all did this week.. and I received my Lavinia stamps... so I could not just leave them laying on the table and not "try them" could I?
Here's what I came up with... 

 (Things go wrong #1 = Please ignore the pink tint on the pictures.. don't know what happened there)
 Start by stamping the Impression Obsession Stripes (with Distress ink Shaded Lilac) .
 Things go wrong #2: I meant to stamp the whole card, but the stamp did not cooperate. Never mind, I liked it like that...
Then tear a sheet of paper and use it to mask in order to stamp the Gingham. 
Use the mask again to stamp the stars and add the cat. 
I used Crafty Individual's Silk card, and I will say it again, it is the BEST card for stamping. Love it!

(or things go wrong #3)
Note that the stripes showed through the cat. I guess that's because I did not dry my Stripes before stamping the cat and those Distress inks stay wet for a long time. 
But it's ok, just go over with a permanent black pen and you will get a perfect black cat

Stamp the Believe on the side and trim your card to size.
Once I had mounted the card, I added a touch of Star Dust glitter glue on the Believe and the stars

 Glitter touch again... 


 Now for the second card... 

Stamp your Impression Graph Paper image on the CI Silk card using Distress ink Scattered Straw. 
Then overstamp (no need to mask this time) with Impression Obsession Scratches and Distress ink Gathered Twig. I actually put my stamp flat on the table and pressed the card onto it for the Scratches so I could add them exactly where I wanted.
Stamp the tree roots, mask them with a piece of paper and stamp the houses.
(or things go wrong #4... when it's not your day...)
I know I could have got away with it without telling you, but that's the kind of thing I like to share, just in case the same ever happens to you.. and it probably will ;)
I masked my tree roots a bit too much and ended up with a gap. So I inked up the roots again and stamped them. The fact that it is a clear stamp helps a lot, but it's also very easy with roots because they are meant to be irregular.

Once the card was mounted, I added a few white highlights with a white gel pen, and then a touch of Start Dust glitter glue... 

I used:
Impression Obsession stamps: Thin Stripes, Gingham, Scratches and Graph Paper
Lavinia stamps: Fairy House, Tree root, Witches Cat, Star Cluster and Believe
Memento ink (black)
Star Dust Glitter glue

If you want to see preview of what I will post here, you can follow/like my FB page here.
Don't forget that Gay and Neil have one too. 

See you tomorrow


  1. The first background is fantastic despite all the things that went wrong! Sometimes I feel my project is completely directed by the need to correct mistakes... In some cases, it turns out better than anticipated and other times..

  2. So sorry to hear about your fall downstairs, hope your bruises and aches soon go.
    Love both the cards and especially those Lavinia stamps. Many thanks for all the tips, it is always good to know how we can rectify (or not) mistakes :)
    Lynn x

  3. Hope your bruises ease soon x

  4. Things always go wrong for me Izzie! I love the effect on the first card, and I love the stamps on the second. Ouchy, how did you manage to fall down the stairs?
    I hope you are healed up soon, use Arnica cream it works!

    Cazzy x

  5. Great cards. Great *tips*. It's so nice to share the experiences. It makes us human. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. Great cards like your happy accidents, hope you are feeling better


  7. Gorgeous cards. Love the background and the cat especially.


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