Friday 29 September 2017

Drunken Chalks

Drunken Chalks

Hi There!

Good to have you with us today
and every other day you can
make it too!  

Continuing our crafty inebriation
theme this week is Claire Jackson
and this is what she has to say on
the subject:

"As I’m always experimenting to see if
 I can get new effects using well loved products 
I was keen to find out if the Distress Oxides 
blend with alcohol...and they do on yupo at least. 

If you haven’t used yupo before it’s a non-porous 
synthetic paper.

 First stamp a background using 
broken china Distress Oxide ink onto Yupo.

Stamp leaves around the top and bottom. 
I used cracked pistachio and peeled paint.

Spray the yupo with isopropyl alcohol. 
I used an IPA aerosol spray for cleaning 
computer parts. 

Surgical spirit will work but it has some 
oil added which will leave a slightly greasy finish. 

You must follow the instructions on the spray 
and do this in a well ventilated room. 

Allow the colours to blend to create a soft image. 

Before all the alcohol evaporates use a baby 
wipe to blend the centre section.

Build up more stamping and spray again 
with the alcohol to let it blend. 

Blot it after a few seconds to give a 
slightly harder image. 

Add centres to the flowers using a 
cotton bud.

 With a cotton bud add dots of colour
 between the leaves.

Use black Memento ink to add a sentiment 
and stamping to the edges.

Add white highlights in paint pen. 

Before mounting it give it a spray 
with acrylic sealant. 

This will stop the inks continuing to migrate
 on the yupo and eventually becoming a faded blur."

Lovely card Claire, thank you.

Who would have thought that
such loveliness could come from
"drunken" chalks...........😉

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

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  1. Lovely card Claire. I like the dotty background especially. Happy crafty weekend, Angela xXx


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