Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Paper Mash Up

Paper Mash Up

Hi Everyone!

All the little darlings must have
started or gone back to school by
now and the bigger darlings off
to Uni......................  You'll be
wondering what to do with

Well, how about something to
make you smile every time you
use it?

Here's Karen Gist with a really
gorgeous makeover for that tray...

"I have had this blank tray knocking around
 my craft room for years wondering how
 to decorate it! When Mickie gave me 
the prompt I thought it was perfect 
for it...using up those bits of
 pretty papers that we crafters dare 
not throw away! 

Firstly I covered the tray with a coat of gesso.
 Then I tore my papers into pieces so that the 
'white' edges were on the right sides.

Using Fresco Chalk Paint I painted the 
inside edge in Smurf. 

Cutting some of the papers so that I had 
some straight edges I started glueing them
 onto the bottom of the tray using a 
thin PVA glue.

With the torn edges you don't get so many
 lumpy bits and you can see that I wanted 
the white edges to show as a contrast.

I had some paper left over so I made 
some coasters as well!

 I always cover the bottoms of my coasters 
with felt to give more insulation.

Back to the tray:

The edges were painted in Fresco Tango and, 
when dry, I doodled some spots around. 

The sides and bottom of the tray have been 
painted with Guacamole. 

When its all dry add a few thin coats of satin varnish.

All ready to go! A cheerful tray for my 
morning cuppa!!!!"

Materials Used:

Papers from your stash

Thank you for such a cheery
project Karen and to make matching
coasters is pure crafty genius! 
Winter is coming and this tray
 would cheer up any gloomy day!  

Come to think of it, I have one of
those wooden trays on my desk that
I've never done anything with other
than use it as a general dumping ground
for junk!  Like everyone else I also have a
tonne of papers I just cannot part with
................  anyone see a plan here?!!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Fantastic idea, Karen!!! :-) xx

  2. The finished tray is brilliant, love it. Happy crafting, Angela xXx


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