Friday, 22 September 2017

Paper Mash Up

Paper Mash Up

Hallo There!

Good to see you!  Here is
another idea in this strand
for re-using the paper/card
that might end up in the
re-cycing bin.

Jane Castle has been looking
through her re-cycling.........

"Hello Everyone, today I would very much
 like to show you how I started with these .......

and ended up with this:

As I'm one of those people that think 
'That might come in handy' I tend to 
have a few empty packages in store
 so this project was fairly easy to make. 

The outer casing was from a Supermarket 
shelf that had been displaying deoderants.

It measures 25cm wide, 12.5cm deep 
and 13.5cm high at the back. 

I then also added a piece of stiff board
 to the back for the clipboard which 
measures 19cm x 23cm.

I played around with the internal arrangement
 before I cut any boxes to size.

Next a made up a spray paint mix ready
 to add universal colour to all the internal parts
 that were not going to be covered with 
decorative papers.

The mix was roughly 2 parts Mermaid,
1 part Beach hut and 2 parts water. 

I sprayed the insides of all the small inserts 
but didnt worry about the base of the
 outer shell as that would not be seen.

The front and sides were then covered with
 Kaisercraft Basecoat IV Collection Broadwalk.

This paper was also used for the clip board--- 
there was just enough left to cover one of the
 small boxes and the 2 tubes.

The remaining boxes were then covered in 
FabScrapes Hoot & Toot. 

2 of the birds from their Scrapping Goodies 
were used for the embellishments.

The embellishments were then given 2 coats of paint. 
The heart I stippled to give an uneven effect.

Detail was then added

  I love poppy seed heads and dry several 
at this time of year to add to various projects -- 
 for this one I cut the seed pod in half 
and then sprayed.

Fancy Cord/ Bakers Twine was added
 to the front and the seed pod.

Adhesive gems were added for the birds eyes
 and once I'd given the larger leaves 2 coats 
of clear embossing powder the stamped detail had 
almost disappeared so I then re-inked the stamp 
and heated the embossing powder again 
placing the stamp into the molten glaze.

Finally some dried grass from a Stipa flower 
was placed behind the butterfly.

This took 2 sheets of 12x12 papers and a few 
embellishments ---- probably things we all 
have in our stash!

The clipboard is to be used for a reminder 
of birthdays for each month."

Items Used

A lovely project to keep us busy
now that the evenings are
drawing in.  Many thanks Jane

I had forgotten about making a
spray with the Fresco paints -
so useful for getting colour into
the nooks and crannies

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

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  1. This is giving me ideas... Wonderful upcycling work, Jane! Also, I love the Basecoat papers!


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