Friday 15 September 2017

Joseph's Coat

Joseph's Coat

Hi There!

Always good to see you!
Are you enjoying this technique 
as much as I am?   I don't know
what I was thinking when I set
the theme!   Just glad it came
to mind.................

Here is Claire Jackson to take
you through her bright and
cheerful canvas:

"The Joseph’s Coat technique usually involves layering
 ink using a resist to reveal an image. 

I decided to try it with paint and masking.

First I painted a canvas board with three 
shades of pink Fresco Finish paint. 

I’m sure I have mentioned previously that this 
is my favourite craft paint because it dries very quickly 
and is great for stamping and drawing on.

Next I added stencilling with the same 
three shades of pink.

Using a stencil with a smaller design I added 
complementary colours. 

It’s important that the paint is completely 
dry before the next step.

 I stamped the Tracy Scott designs on masking
 paper (you could use sticky notes) and 
cut them out, leaving a small border, before placing 
them on the canvas.

I made sure the masks were properly stuck 
down to prevent paint seeping under the edges.

 I then covered the whole canvas with shades of 
green and turquoise, before adding extra stencilling

When the masks are removed you reveal 
the colours beneath.

 Next I stamped the images directly onto the
 canvas with Archival ink. 

I stamped the foreground flowers first 
and replaced the masks as I went along 
to create depth.

When all the pink areas had been over-stamped 
I removed the masks.

I added white highlights with paint pen 
and gel markers.

 To finish off I added watercolour pencil to 
the images, a few more highlights and some
 blue gelatos around the edges.

Here is a detail of the flowers"


Archival Ink: jet black

This has worked out so well
I can see how relaxing it
must be to do this. Thank 
you Claire

Lovely to see that canvas coming
together wasn't it?  Not a hint of
black paint too!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. ARGH!! I can't open the pictures of the finished canvas. I'm sure it is gorgeous.

  2. Ooh this is stunning! What a cool technique! xxx

  3. Hi Claire, lovely project. Happy crafty weekend, Angela xXx


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