Saturday 16 September 2017

Joseph's Coat

Joseph's Coat

Hallo There!

Hasn't it been a great week?
Well, it has been for me.  I
am up to date with the household
chores, shopping etc so I can
devote the entire weekend to
crafting...........!  Yayyy!!

Enough hysteria, here is
Craftyfield with more for her
Fauxdori Book 

"After making my Fauxdori book I couldn't
 wait to use it, especially the Gelli print 
which actually was a fail... 
It needed more colour on top and I thought 
this would be an ideal base for Gelatos. 
I find them versatile and I like to use them
 in different ways.

On the left of the page where I had lots 
of untouched paper I applied the Gelatos on 
top of the stencil 
(Carabelle Studio: Weft Fabric and Numbers) 
and rubbed with a slightly damp wipe. 

This is the "positive" application method.

 I then stamped my flowers (Honey Doo crafts Lilies) 
with Archival inks (Archival Mini Ink Pad Set 4) 
before stencilling (DecoArt Inspiration) 
the words with black Gesso. 

This is so I know the position of the main
 elements before adding more colours 
and stencilling.

On the right, where I have mostly acrylic paint, 
I rubbed some Gelatos and spread with my fingers.

I laid the stencil (Imagination Crafts Drop Screen)
 on top and with a damp wipe removed the colour, 
the acrylic under layer making it easy. 

The "negative" method of applying Gelatos with stencils! 

I added more colour, here and there with and 
without the stencil for a cohesive look

Finally I coloured 2 of the flowers with the pink Gelato, 
which was my initial idea, but in the end I left the 
main one alone as it is just too beautiful to be messed with!"


This is a lovely addition to the
Fauxdori Craftyfield.  
Thank you very much and I look 
forward to more.........!

So glad I have the weekend free......
I do like making books, can you tell?
All thanks to Kathy Byrne's classes at
 The Craft Barn

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous Christine! This might encourage me to make more use of my Gelatos. Happy crafty weekend, Angela xXx


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