Sunday 5 July 2015

Weekly Challenge

Morning all,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

I can't believe it is Sunday again already.
And time to announce the new Weekly Challenge.

So what is it going to be this time?

I'm trying to think of something that we featured in
our projects for Alice In Wonderland.
What about something to do with a pack of cards?
You can use cards, if you have them but if
not, hearts, clubs, spades or clubs.
You can use stamps, die cuts, masks or stencils
(there is a nice diamond stencil that springs to mind).

Ok, it's over to you.....

You must know the rules by now....

as many entries as you like, via the link below
if possible or if not, email me your pictures to

The link will close in one week, midnight Sunday 
12th July.
Mr Random Generator will pick the winner and they will be
announced on Tuesday 14th July.

Good luck to you all!

Jane x


  1. That's a fun theme Jane. Hey, I have a little challenge and a tiny little prize on my link #4 if anyone wants to play along with my idea of fun LOL. Hugz

  2. I'm very happy to join in one of your challenges again, love the theme and the idea :) Hugs, Coco x


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