Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fabric week: Travel journal bag

Got a treat for you today, a lovely travel journal bag made by Neil. 
Neil had bought some fabric (which he is using on another sample soon) but his muse lead him to use canvas today, which is a type of fabric too.
Here's how he made his fantastic project, with lots of pictures and details.

I've used a canvas transfer technique to create a little canvas travel journal bag to take with me when I'm out and about.

To make this I used a little book I'd made but you can use any notebook. I cut an A4 piece of Studio sticky back canvas and a piece of patterned card to size (sizes will depend on your notebook but mine is approximately 13cm x 30cm)

Take the canvas and remove the backing and lay the paper with the patterned side down onto the adhesive. (If you are using double sided card then make sure you lay the side you want to see onto the adhesive!)

Burnish it well using a bone folder or similar, you want to make sure the card is well adhered to the canvas! Once you've done that, then cut a decorative border on one side of the piece, I used an On the Edge Ornate die. Take a craft knife and lightly score the paper taking care not to cut right through the canvas.

Liberally spray the card with water and begin to gently rub the paper off to reveal the pattern underneath. Don't do this over a sink as you'll block your plug hole.

In the end you should end up with something like this!

 I then stamped images from the Steampunk plate in Archival ink before going onto the last stage of the transfer progress which is to take Studio Multi Medium and rub it into the canvas; this does two things, it turns any small left over pieces of paper, that have turned white as it dried, translucent and also it seals and removes any of the stickiness.

To avoid sewing I used eyelets down the sides and fastened them together with jumprings (also adding small pieces of double sided tape to close some of the gaps too). A hitch fastener to close the flap and job done! 


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See you tomorrow


  1. oooo what a brilliant way to get an image onto canvas Neil! Great idea with the eyelets too! I love what you have done here x

  2. Wonderfully masculine but I still like it even though I'm female!

  3. This is so wonderful.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  4. Looks really good Neil.

  5. I really like this - the photos and instructions are very clear, thanks.

  6. Wow Neils work is stunning what a fab project thank you Hugs Elaine

  7. Fantastic Neil, love the technique, love the grungy look. And the book cover too!


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