Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Woodware week: Isa

What can you do with a papier maché torso, a glass jar, some fabric and a few stamps... well... here's your answer. 
Oh [fine print on} and you will need Isa'sArt sewing expertise too [fine print off] 
(I know I don't.... but boy, would I like to have this in my house!!). 
I know it's not something that everyone will tackle this afternoon, and Isa did tell me "if you don't want to post it, that's ok", but how could I do that? It's too beautiful to miss, don't you think?
After so much work, it would be a shame not to have it on display on this blog ;)
I wonder if Woodware would ever have thought that their stamps would be used that way :o)
Here's a few details for you... 

Oh do I love that little quote "Have a fabulous Day!" and the lovely little roses too. Both coming from a Woodware clear stamp plate: TAG
So my next thought was... "what to do with it?" ... a tag or label.. ok... but I had to take it further... 
Wanted to alter a glass jar but bigger, take it to the next level... wanted some sewing involved... so ...

I picked a glass jar, but also added the papier maché torso to it

I used the "have a fabulous day" to make a kind of necklace but also used it to stamp on the fabric for one of the dress layers... can you see it? look closer...
and a few hours later...after a loooot of sewing and layering... voilà 

and I hope you all .... 

For her sample, Isa used:

See you tomorrow


  1. Just oh sooooo creative. . . how does she do it??
    Love this very much.

  2. Fabulous creation. Beautiful and creative work.
    Lovely greet

  3. Oh my! this is just incredible work! xxx

  4. OMGoodness this is absolutly fab-u-lous! never would I have thought of adding a torso to a glass jar how creative, and the dress and all the details are stunning.... now I have a dress form somewhere......!!! lol. Thank you for sharing this stunning piece with us


  5. I cannot add anymore to what has been said already! Superb! TFS!

  6. Love it! I have just decorated my first torso, but hadn't got anything to stand her on - now this is a great idea!

  7. Quite stunning..... what talent... I used a torso in my Andy Skinner Timeworn Technique project but it wasnt a patch on this one... love it... x

  8. Thank you thank you :-)
    It's your turn to play !! ;-)

  9. Beautiful and so creative. Love it

  10. Moi aussi je suis très admirative, je trouve ça magnifique cette parure royale sur un simple support en papier maché !!! Incroyable comme le résultat est joli, quel talent bravo!


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