Thursday, 12 July 2012


Hi everyone

I am butting into this weeks samples to bring you some news! 
 We thought with it being Friday 13th you could do with something to cheer you up
so this weekend is 

From 6pm on Thursday (12th) until 9am on Monday (16th) it's

free postage on all UK orders

all destinations outside the UK it's free postage on orders over £30.


On a not quite so happy note I am hugely saddened and more than a little angry to have to share with you that we have had a problem with theft in the shop for some time now.  In the week before the Extravaganza we had several thousand £'s worth of products stolen and since the introduction of the new stock control system we know that it is a signifincant amount each week - yet again today we have discovered evidence of more theft.  This is unsustainable and we are determined to stop it. 
The reason I am sharing this is that I want the people responsible to know that we are having CCTV fitted this week throughout the shop and we have a policy of zero tolerance of theft. 
  The cameras we are installing have court quality images so can be used for prosecution.  We are not going to rest until we catch the people who are doing this.  It goes without saying anyone caught will also have an immediate and permanent ban from our store. 

On a brighter note there are loads of new products in store again and the September classes are now released.  Click here to pop to the website and check it all out!

see you soon


  1. What a shame to hear's no wonder so many small shops end up having to cease trading when this is happening.
    I do hope the CCTV is effective....sad though it is to be forced to use it.

  2. I know I shouldn't be surprised about this these days but I can't believe that people do this. Or I don't want to believe that people do this. I hope they are put off by the CCTV cameras or, if they do decide to carry on, that the cameras catch them at it and you are able to prosecute.

    Thank you for the free postage this weekend :)

  3. Good luck with the cameras. Hope you catch the blighters.!!!!

  4. It is so disheartening to hear that there are less than honest crafters out there. I fully support your action to install cameras and hope that they will help to catch the culprits or better still to deter them. BJ

  5. What a great postage...better get the credit out and dusted...and too the stinks!..our local craft shop here in NZ has been suffering the same...but due to good luck they caught the pilferer..hope it all works out good for you..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  6. How could anyone make something lovely if you stole the 'makings of it?' Unbelievable. Good luck with catching the thief, theft SUCKS especially from an independent store. Have you checked out Ebay in case it's being sold on there? There can't be that many avenues for getting rid of it

  7. Terrible news! I hope you catch the thieves soon. Thanks for the the weekend postage :)

  8. It is so disheartening to hear things like this and it also makes me really angry. If you can't afford it you don't get it, get a job!! I hope you catch them, that is quite a huge amount of stock you are loosing! Good luck x

  9. Good luck, I hope you catch them and that they don't get away with a warning only. I'm shocked it's so much.

  10. Fab news about the free P&P.

    DREADFUL news about the theft situation and the scale of it is astonishing. GOOD LUCK with catching the perpetrators - I say they should be prosecuted AND made to pay you back every penny.


  11. ooh people are soooo mean! Its good you have the cameras and I hope you catch them - I can't believe you are losing so much stock. Let us know if it works. xx

  12. So sorry to hear about the thefts. All genuine crafters are the most generous people and will gladly share with others so these horrible people must just be taking stuff to sell on. Hope they get caught soon. Thanks for the free P&P weekend - that's what I mean about generous!

  13. I wouldn't have warned anybody... more chance to catch these responsible for the theft..

  14. Thanks everyone, we appreciate your support.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Anna. How can you enjoy the results of what you have made knowing you have stolen it - it all starts from the wrong place for good feelings doesn't it.

    Sandy x

  15. I was deeply saddened to read my newsletter yesterday morning (13th) I am so sorry you have sufered at the hands of these thieves. It angers me because money is tight & when people go doing these things it makes it more expensive for those of us who genuinely purchase our products.


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