Friday, 27 July 2012

Woodware week: Michelle

Michelle's day today and I am so happy she made this sample. I too keep on saying that I want to stamp a dictionary. I  have seen this quite often on several blogs, and I really like the idea. 
Basically, for those who haven't see this before, you open a page, pick a word you know you have a stamp for, and alter the pages with that stamp (and highlight the word too one way or another). 
If you, like Michelle and I, are avid stamps collectors, that's a good way to use them (and go through your stash of stamps... you know.. the ones you forgot you had... or those which have never been inked even). 
And what a fun thing to do with your kiddos too. I know my daughter would love it... I might actually try to find a French dictionary too so she can learn the words in both languages ;)

Anyway, back to Michelle and her A for aeroplanes. How cute is this?
She used Woodware clear set Patch a flight (adorable set)

Over to Michelle now... 

I've wanted to stamp in a dictionary for a while and have finally managed to get hold of a little gem dictionary to start with while I keep my eyes open for an old battered one to 'alter'
Because the pages are usually so thin it is necessary to use a colouring medium which wont bleed through to the back of the page so I decided to use my pencils. All I did was stamp in versafine then colour with pencils and blend with a fine rubber where I wanted a fadeout.

I'm really enjoying playing!

On her sample, Michelle used

Maybe we could do this as a challenge one day, it's so much fun. 
Would love to hear what you think in a comment below... 

See you tomorrow


  1. What a neat idea! Love how the clouds appear to highlight different areas of the page (not sure if they do but looks good!). Also would love to get my pencils out which are rather redundant at present!

  2. What a fabulous idea - your dictionary pages look so cool - the pencil colouring is brilliant xx

  3. Great idea, and it looks fab! Not heard of this before... where's that old dictionary.....!

  4. Fab idea not heard of it before love your areoplanes - I am addicted already to this idea lol a challenge sounds great fun.....pretty to hunt the charity shops for old dictionary's......


  5. Such a lovely idea Michelle and I really like the aeroplanes!!!

    Jane x

  6. What a good idea and very lovely dictionary pages ! I've never seen it before... Thanks. Coco

  7. What a brilliant idea for a challenge:)
    Val x

  8. Lovely. A great way to get the kids to use the dictionary.

  9. Talking of challenge, you mentioned you would be posting a new challenge last weekend. Have you hidden it somewhere or has time just slipped away..............


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