Friday, 15 February 2013

Carnival week - Izzy

I made a sample for you this week again. I was a bit stuck I must admit, as it was a last minute thing and I don't have any "carnival related" products and it was too late to have anything delivered to Canada. 
Soooo, shrink plastic masks it is. Not very original I'm afraid, but it was fun :-)
A friend of mine will soon receive this in the post, but which friend... She reads this blog for sure, that's they only hint I will give :-)
I guess I will have to make another one as my DD reaaaaaallyyyyy (I quote) wants one LOL. 

As I did not want my masks to be too big (or too little), I starting by making myself a shrink plastic ruler to know exactly how big I had to make the templates. Click here to download them. 
I cut a 13 cm length of SP (in both the clear and the white as they were different brands) and marked the cm and in with a Sharpie. 
TIP: The Sharpie does not dry on there, but will once it shrinks. Be careful not to smudge it. I tried other permanent pens, and it was the same. 
I then shrank my plastic and now have an idea of how much it shrinks.
You can see that the white shrank slightly more than the clear.

I then traced 3 different masks on the Shrink Plastic. I don't trace with a pen as I don't want the marks, but I used my embossing tool instead. It shows enough to know where to cut and it creates a groove which makes it easier, especially for the eyes which have to be cut with a craft knife.
TIP: Use a new, sharp blade (with care) for this
I also pierced a hole on the side for the jump ring as it's easier now than later once it's shrunk.

I then coloured and stamped them with Crafty Individuals stamps, using Brilliance and Archival ink pads (StazOn will work too)
I did not have any black Shrink Plastic anymore, otherwise I would have made one black mask too.
The Brilliance pearlescent inks look amazing on black shrink plastic.
Tip: You can shape the masks when they are still hot

I then made three paper beads using Cosmic Shimmer Ultra Thick embossing crystals and Beadazzles

A chain, a few beads and jump ring and it's all done. 

One carnival handbag charm going in the post today. 
Crafty Individuals stamps: CI-194, CI-206, CI-235
Brilliance ink: Pearlescent Coral, Pearlescent Purple, Starlight Black, Starlight Silver
StaZon or Archival ink in black
Cosmic Shimmer UTEC: Tropic Pearl
Beadazzles micro beads: Calypso

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See you tomorrow


  1. Oh Wow Izzy Love your carnival charm the masks and beads are fab thanks for sharing!


  2. That is so lovely Izzy. Thanks for the tip on the shrink plastic ruler. I usually just hope the things will shrink to the right size!!

  3. Wow that is fantastic. How do you come up with these ideas ? I really love this demo and thanks for sharing, I must try this myself.

  4. C'est magnifique Isa, un super beau travail de réalisé!!!!gros bisous

  5. ooh that is so fabulous! So unusual too - your friend will love it xx

  6. It's just gorgeous ! Love the effect of the Tropical Pearl powder, plus it's a fantastic idea to create beads for next to nothing...

  7. Oh, c'est super joli !!! Et très astucieux... Un petit moment que je n'avais pas pu passer, je suis contente de tomber sur ça ! bisous Coco


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