Thursday, 7 February 2013

Gelli Printing plate and Andy Skinner's new stencils

Just wanted to share our excitement about Andy Skinner's new stencils which will be released shortly and a video where he shows how to use them. Prepare to be "wow-ed", this is amazing :-)

The stencils are fantastic, they come in different sizes and some as Stencil + Masks sets!


12 x 3" 

8x8 "
Perfect to use with the Gelli Printing plate

Please note that ALL STENCILS AND MASKS will be  RELEASED @ CHSI on
FEBRUARY 17th 2013

You won't find them on our site nor in the shop just yet
but we just wanted to tease :D

We do have the Gelli Printing plates in stock though
in two sizes: 6x6 and 8x10"

Now for the video...

See you tomorrow


  1. What an amazing video! Andy is so talented.

  2. Fantastic video and artwork. The finished piece is so atmospheric. Loved it!
    The humour at the end was corny but raised a smile too.

  3. Fabulous stencils and a very talented nice man, who is a very patient teacher!

  4. This was amazing to watch!!!! x

  5. I can't help it but Andy's just fab isn't he??!!! Amazing video - never wanted a gelli plate before. . . . . . Bit naughty with the kittens & puppies at the end!!

  6. I was Wow-ed fantastic video maybe I do want um "need" a gelli plate!
    what a tease for the stencils!!
    Thanks for sharing


  7. Loved the video and love the idea of playing with paints and the Gelli paints !

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this video, fabulous to see you create....

  9. OMG! this is fabulous. thank you for sharing this video! I enjoyed every minute of it. Hugs.

  10. This video is totally amazing. Gosh those stencils look like a must have too! Can't wait to get get them all. Heck I ordered a Gelli Arts pad a few days ago. Just in time!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  11. fantastic video, I have the largest gelli plate and I want Andy's stencils, and would really like to knoe when they are for sale and if I can get them here in the US. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  12. Brilliant video - love the way you used charcoal pencil to make the children's shadows.



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