Saturday 7 April 2018

Changes at The Craft Barn

Hi Folks

I have some news to share with you all. 

We have loved running The Craft Barn for the last 10+ years, however, Ian is now almost 68 and really wants to retire plus we have my mum who is coming up on 92 and although she is fiercely independent she is needing more support which means trips up to Cheshire at short notice, so we have made what has been the difficult decision that we are going to close the Craft Barn.

The way that we plan to handle closing is as follows.  We have created a new clearance section on the website which includes all the current sale stuff and some other bits that we rediscovered when we were going through the stock click here to pop over. Starting next Friday we will have an offer code for 20% off everything then each week the offer code will change and the discount will increase to 30%, 50%, and 70% off everything.  The extra discount will also apply to the items already reduced in the clearance section.  

I recommend having a good look around at what is available as there are almost 5,000 products there.  We don’t have huge numbers of stocks of many items and customers will need to gauge the level of discount available vs the chance of the product selling out to decide when to buy any things they may want.  At the end of the discount codes, we will see what is still in stock and look at some kind of final ridiculously good value goody boxes.

We are hoping for your support for a final time so that we sell as much as possible over the next few weeks especially as there will be some amazing savings to be had and we need to ultimately reclaim our house!  I don’t think Ian is looking forward to the redecorating but that’s the trade off for him!  I have a new venture in mind for myself after all I’m too young to retire completely!

A few weeks ago we had to take the decision to add postage back for orders under £30 as we were making a loss on so many orders when we factored in packaging and cost of shipping, and with the new postage rates it was just not viable to carry on absorbing the cost.

We are so grateful to all of the wonderful people we have met through the Craft Barn, customers, staff, tutors and suppliers and truly thankful for all the support and help we have received. I am also grateful to Ian for helping me to live my dream for the last decade and for his love and support.

Unfortunately the blog won't be continuing with new posts into the future as the Craft Barn won't be there, but it will stay up so you will still be able to see the wonderful projects that are currently there.

Hope you grab some bargains

With thanks, love and hugs

Sandy xx