Saturday 30 September 2017

Drunken Chalks

Drunken Chalks

Hallo Everyone!

Hope you've had a good month
and achieved most, if not all,
you have set out to do.

Don't worry if you haven't -
there's always next month.....

Here is Angela Radford with
the final instalment in our
chapter of alcoholic delights:

 "Hi all. I've been having some fun playing 
with Distress Oxides, together with
Surgical Spirit and  Hand Sanitizing Gel 
both of which contain Alcohol.

I have used these with a variety of different 
papers and card and got some interesting results.

Normally I have used the Distress Oxides with water
 which reacts nicely but with the Surgical Spirit 
the effect is quite different and I'm happy to say
 that the inks move around in interesting ways. 

This was on a very smooth stamping card. 

I used a dropper to apply the surgical spirit to the paper.

It's also interesting to see how different the effect
 is on different papers. 

This one was slightly more glossy. 

On this sample I sprayed the surgical spirit 
onto the paper.

 This test was done on Velum, love it. 
Again, sprayed the surgical spirit though I also 
tilted parts of the velum to encourage some 
movement of the liquid.

Here you can see the effect of stamping with 
the Hand Sanitizer.

It reacts with the ink really quickly.

And a close-up. 

Will definitely be playing with this technique again.

Tried this on Yupo too by spraying. 

I would advise sealing all of these when dry. 

Although the colour didn't move when dry,
 it will be effected by water if reactivated.

But of course you will want to see what 
I've done with some of these. 
So I took some card blanks and 
started with some stamping.

Then some stamping on one of the sample 
pieces which I cut out.

 For the stamping I used some PaperArtsy stamps 
available at The Craft Barn.

 I cut out and attached a section of the Velum
 for this card and then stamped over it 
and heat embossed the image.

More stamping then added some of the cut out
 circles, sentiment and Gems. 

The little dots around the edge were done 
with a black pen.

Here you can see the full card.

Couldn't resist making another.
 I used a different sample for this one.

And the full card. 

Hope you enjoyed watching me play
 as much as I enjoyed doing it. 

Happy crafting, Angela xXx"

  Products used:
Sanitizing Hand Gel
Surgical Spirit

Thank you Angela - 
for another super
tutorial.  Always great
to see the enthusiasm
you bring to the project

I would never have thought 
of hand sanitising gel!  Must
try this one so guess what's
on my shopping list this week!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Friday 29 September 2017

Drunken Chalks

Drunken Chalks

Hi There!

Good to have you with us today
and every other day you can
make it too!  

Continuing our crafty inebriation
theme this week is Claire Jackson
and this is what she has to say on
the subject:

"As I’m always experimenting to see if
 I can get new effects using well loved products 
I was keen to find out if the Distress Oxides 
blend with alcohol...and they do on yupo at least. 

If you haven’t used yupo before it’s a non-porous 
synthetic paper.

 First stamp a background using 
broken china Distress Oxide ink onto Yupo.

Stamp leaves around the top and bottom. 
I used cracked pistachio and peeled paint.

Spray the yupo with isopropyl alcohol. 
I used an IPA aerosol spray for cleaning 
computer parts. 

Surgical spirit will work but it has some 
oil added which will leave a slightly greasy finish. 

You must follow the instructions on the spray 
and do this in a well ventilated room. 

Allow the colours to blend to create a soft image. 

Before all the alcohol evaporates use a baby 
wipe to blend the centre section.

Build up more stamping and spray again 
with the alcohol to let it blend. 

Blot it after a few seconds to give a 
slightly harder image. 

Add centres to the flowers using a 
cotton bud.

 With a cotton bud add dots of colour
 between the leaves.

Use black Memento ink to add a sentiment 
and stamping to the edges.

Add white highlights in paint pen. 

Before mounting it give it a spray 
with acrylic sealant. 

This will stop the inks continuing to migrate
 on the yupo and eventually becoming a faded blur."

Lovely card Claire, thank you.

Who would have thought that
such loveliness could come from
"drunken" chalks...........😉

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Thursday 28 September 2017

Drunken Chalks

Drunken Chalks

Hi Everyone!

Glad you could stop by.

Today we have Hazel Harler
with us.  She is going to
demonstrate her take on
the topic, so sit back and

"For my latest project I've been playing 
with the Drunken Chalk technique.

 For my first card I used Versa Magic
 chalk inks and glossy card. 

I coloured the card with the ink pads 
directly onto the card,

The card was then sprayed with surgical spirit.

When the spirit had dried I covered 
the card with Encore metallic ink.

I sprayed the card with the spirit and the 
metal in the Encore ink separated from 
the rest of the ink 

The card was stamped with Paperartsy stamps
 and Archival ink.


For my second card I sponged Distress Oxide 
onto the glossy card.

I used a pipette to drip the 
surgical spirit onto the card.

I cut the card in half and covered one half 
with Encore metalic ink and 
dripped the spirit with the pipette. 

I loved the effect it made.

To finish the card I used Kaisercraft papers, 
Woodware stamps, black archival and I coloured 
the image with indian ink markers:


I decided to make a Christmas card for my 
next sample. 

I coloured the glossy card with three 
different blue Distress Oxide inks.

 I covered the card with Encore metalic ink.

This is the result after dripping 
surgical spirit onto the card. 

It's a good idea to spray the finished 
background with an acrylic sealer as
 the metal ink will rub of on 
everything that touches it.

 I used a Woodware stamp on the card 
and heat embossed it. 

The image was matted onto red and 
blue card and I trimmed it with some ribbon.


 For my last sample I scribbled some
 Distress Oxide onto glossy card using 
the corner of the inkpads.

 Then sprayed it with surgical spirit.

 I covered one half of the card with the metallic ink 
and dripped some surgical spirit onto it.

I stamped the background with a Woodware stamp
 and coloured it with Indian ink markers."


Great tutorial Hazel;
thank you very much
I am sure everyone will
have learned a lot here

I am sure you all agree that
Hazel has produced a beautiful
set of cards using this technique
Do you have a favourite?  
Currently I am favouring the
last one..........but this my

Anyway, I am now off to get
some surgical spirit.......

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx