Sunday, 3 September 2017

Twelve Month Challenge

Twelve Month Challenge

Happy Sunday Everyone!

How are you?  We're all fine
here.  In fact, no change really
we have two days of hot summer
and a week of cooler, wetter,
windier weather but that's just
so we can keep up with the 
chores!  Haha!

So time for the next verse in
our Twelve Month Challenge.  This 
time the verse is:

Warm September brings the fruit
Sportsmen then begin to shoot

and this is what Claire Jackson
made of it:

So, let's see what you guys make
of it - I'm sure you're relieved to
see there are no flowers mentioned!

The reference to sportsmen shooting
is that the Grouse season starts on
what is termed in the UK as 
The Glorious Twelth but that is
by the bye

Of course should you wish to picture a
shoot that is up to you

Look forward to seeing your pictures

As always, upload via the link and if
that isn't working please email them
to me at

Closing date is 24th September at 23.55pm

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Maggie and Raewyn have had to email
their entries to me and I am pleased to
put them both up.

Here's Maggie's:

and here's Raewyn's:
(regulars will know that
Raewyn always adds the
equivalent verse for her
side of the world so I'm
showing that too!)


  1. This was definitely one of those mini canvases where all the saved stamps that come with magazines came in handy! Good luck everyone xxx

  2. Just put my comment in the wrong place! Pleased there is no "must include" this time!!! Have we had the challenge winner for last month yet?

  3. A beautiful canvas again Claire. I think you have captured the mood perfectly.

  4. I seem to have missed the winner for August. Where is the post?


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