Thursday 30 June 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016 Winner

I'm baaack!!

well at least I think I am!
Until the next time.

Wow what freaky weather we have been
having, I wonder if our followers over
the sea have been having weird 
weather too!
Not so long ago we were told we were going
to have the hottest summer on
record, now it's turning out to be  the
wettest......UK and rain...
well there is no surprise!

Hopefully I'm back up and running,
I've missed you all!!!

Right, important stuff....
Winners Day

23 fabulous entries, thank you so much!
Who has the Random Generator 
picked this time...... 13....


Oh my goodness, the Random
Generator does like no 13 which is 
most definitely not unlucky for 

Congratulations Margriet!!!
Please contact me at
so that I can send you your prize!

Thank you everyone who entered,
your pics as always are amazing!!

See you soon
(I hope)

Jane x

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Winners Post

Just a quickie to say that unless
anything else happens.... I shall
be here in the morning with the 
Winners Post delayed from Tuesday!

Jane x

Monday 27 June 2016

Alpha/Dictionary 2016 Challenge

Morning all,

I'm sorry everything is a bit late...
not sure whether I shall get this whole post 
done but here goes.....

Will keep it brief just in case!!

We are ready today for our new letter
to add to the Alpha/Dictionary Challenge.

What is it to be this time???

Ok.....our next letter is.....


with no twists you'll be pleased to know!

Karen as always has made another
little compartment for her tray....

Another cute addition, I really want to see this it looks amazing!!

So, you have two weeks before the link 
closes at midnight on Sunday 10th
July.  As many entries as you like!
If you can't use the link then send  your
pics to me at
and I will add them for you!

Don't forget your project must include
a word beginning with the letter W and 
a definition either of your making or from 
the dictionary.

The winner will be picked by Random Generator 
and announced on Tuesday 12th July. 
There will be a £10 voucher for the prize.

I'm going now and I'm not sure when I'll be 

Jane x

Friday 24 June 2016


Hi everyone,

Sorry but I'm having trouble with my
internet after the storms we have had
over the last few days....
I'll be back as soon as possible!

Jane x 

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Two Weekly Challenge Winner

Morning all,

Another week and another winner!
Today is the longest day I believe, which 
makes us already halfway though the year!
Not long now until Christmas!!!
Ha ha ha....what a horrible thought.

Ok, it's winner day and who is our
latest winner?

We had 17 entries, thank you,very much
and the Random Generator has been 
brought in to do what he does best....
so who has been picked.... 6.....

Hos Dorte 

Congratulations to Hos Dorte,
please contact me at
so that I can send you your prize!

Thank you everyone who entered,
sorry you can't all be winners!

See you soon,

Jane x

Sunday 19 June 2016

Two Weekly Challenge

Happy Sunday Everyone, 

Good morning and Happy Sunday,
time again for our new Challenge!

Goodness these weeks are flying by,
time to announce another
two weekly challenge.
What is it to be this time....

I thought I may go for one of 
I think they have been too easy so far, so....
I have made my decision and.....
the next challenge will be....
a dog under the sea!!

I am not going to go with her idea
of using three colours too, I think 
this will be a challenge enough.
So, you need to produce a project of your
choice which must be under the
sea and include a dog!  The dog can be doing
anything you like and even be an 
'old sea dog'
If you are not happy then you know who
to blame...not me haha!!

You have two weeks, the link will close 
at midnight on July 3rd.
If you can't use the link then please send
your pics to me at
and I will add them for you.
The winner, picked by random generator
will be announced on Tuesday 5th July
and receive a £10 gift voucher.

Oh, just thought, it could be a dog fish!

Good luck everyone!

Jane x

Saturday 18 June 2016

Infusions - Dawn Heald

Hi everyone,

Hope you all have something
nice sorted for the weekend!

I am catering for 80 people
tonight for a works reunion so I'm
going to be mega busy in the kitchen!
Must try not to have too many 
'cooks perks' !!! Ha ha!! 

Today Dawn is here to show us her 
lovely project using the little bottles
of magic .... Infusions!

This time I've decorated an MDF journal page
 and had a good play with these superb
 new Paperartsy Infusions.
What I did....

I painted the board with two coats of white
 gesso then two coats of Snowflake paint.
 Sanded back with sanding Block. Then I
 repeatedly stamped the circle stamp all
 over and heat embossed with Clear Detail
 Embossing Powder and heated with heat tool.

Next I spritzed water and then added
 sprinkles of Infusions in greens and blues.
 Spritzed with water again and left to dry
 naturally to really bring out the walnut stain.
 Then I dabbed ultra Matt varnish in places
 and sponged on some more Infusions powders.

 I took the bold flower stamp and sprinkled
 with Royal Blood Infusions and dabbed Pearl
 Glaze on top with my finger and repeat
 stamped all over board. When dry I did this
 again over stamping some flowers with
 Emerald Isle Infusions. Let dry and 
outline with blue and white pens.
I then added some more background
 Stamping as shown.

For my main images. I painted a piece of
 white Pearl card with Ultra Matt Varnish,
 sprinkled on Infusions in contrasting colours 
and then painted over with brush and more
 Ultra Matt Varnish. Dry. Then stamp

 Add some coloured pen details,
 cut out and stick to the background board.

Finish with some Stardust Stickles Glitter Glue.

This is absolutely beautiful.
Every time I look at the pictures,
I see something else!

From own stash - Coloured Pens

Well that's all for today folks!

See you tomorrow,

Jane x

Friday 17 June 2016

Infusions - Neil Walker

Morning all,

Hope you are all well,
the weekend is nearly upon us yet

This week we are going to look at
the most lovely little bottles 
of magic!
What are they called....
and you can check them out here.

Neil is here to show us what he has 
been up to...

I had these two pieces of embossed card from
 a previous project. They were the perfect choice 
to experiment with the powders.

As you can imagine, at first I wondered if these
 were going to be any different than Brushos.
 Well, they work and react very similarly as I
 thought. However, I have to say that I love the
 effect of the walnut that is a part of the Infusions!

I added these to a couple of tags and trimmed to fit.

I used DecoArt Crackle paste to add some
 texture to the edges through a layering stencil.

Yes, it looks a bit messy but I left it to dry.

When dry I sprinkled some Infusions over.

A spritz of water to spread. When dry I
 added some shimmer with Starlight paint in Topaz.

My finished tags, along with a couple of other
 trial pieces.

Wow, these look amazing!!
Think I'm going to have to treat myself 
to some of these little bottles of magic!
The little bottles themselves are so cute!!
Ha ha must be a girly thing!!

So, if you want to have a go, this
is what Neil used -

Ribbon and Metal Charm from Stash

I'll be back tomorrow with another 
project for you!

Jane x

Thursday 16 June 2016

Starlight Paints - Caren Sharp


How are we all, enjoying all
this lovely sunshine??
Ha ha probably if you are living in
a nice sunny country....certainly
not England!!
Still, we can but hope....

I'm here today with an extra post which
should have been with our projects
showing the lovely Starlight Paints,
unfortunately between Caren and I
we couldn't get her pictures working
but they are here now!!

So, this is from Caren Sharp, a very
talented lady, this is her first project
for us and hopefully I can persuade her 
to do more for us in the future!!
(Especially as we now know how to get
her photos to me!!)

Here is how Caren decorated this lovely

Caren says - Gather your products together.

I used my Gelli Plate and 3 colours of  
Starlight Paints...

Be aware - the paints dry very quickly!

When dry, stamp the robot and paint...

Use the multiliner pen to add any details
lost under the paint.

Dab silver paint onto scraps of textured card,
when dry, die cut mini gears and frame.

Arrange the gears onto the frame, glue and then
add to book.  Cover with coat of Matt sealer.

Finish with googly eyes!
Have fun x

This is a lovely project and the pictures 
don't do it justice.  The paints are 
perfect for these stamps!

This is what Caren used - 
Starlight Paints - Silver, Menthol, Orange
JOFY Stamp Set - 43 and 44
Maya Gold Paints - Blue, Chocolate

From stash -
Vintage Cabinet Card Die

Ok, that's me done for today,
I'll be back tomorrow with another project.

Jane x

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016 Winner

Good Morning all,

It's Tuesday again already!
That can only mean one thing....
Winners Day whoop whoop!!

So, it's time to find out who our
latest winner is!
We had 25 fabulous entries, 
thanks very much to all of you!
We really can't do these challenges 
without you!

Mr Random Generator has been
busy and who has he picked this week... 13....

Wendy K

Congratulations Wendy,
please contact me at
so that I can send you your prize!

Gosh, Mr Random Generator does seem
to like no 13!!  Obviously not always
an unlucky number!

Ok, that's it from me now,
I'll see you later in the week!

Jane x

Sunday 12 June 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016

Morning Campers,

Sorry I'm a bit late with this post
this morning...hopefully better late than never!!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend,
big celebrations this weekend in 
London, anyone here invited??

Guess we will see plenty about it on the news.
I do hope the Queen has a brilliant
day, she does so well for her age, I do
wonder how many times she wants to 
say she would rather stay at home with 
a cup of tea catching up with the soaps
on TV!!  And Prince Philip too, he is 
marvelous, always there to support her!

So, back to business....
Challenge Day!!

Time to announce our next letter for the 
Challenge.  As usual the DT have had their
say and picked......

with a pesky dragonfly....
No....just kidding, no pesky dragonflies!!!!

So your mission is to produce a 
wonderful project as you always do with
a word beginning with K,  no twists
you will be pleased to know!
Your project must include a definition of
the word you have picked, either one you
have made up or the dictionary definition.

This is what Karen has made to add to her

Just amazing, as usual, Karen!

The link will close at midnight on 
Sunday 26th June giving you two weeks.
Entries via the link but otherwise email
your pics to me at
and I will add them for you.

The winner will be picked on Tuesday 
28th June by Random Generator and
will receive a £10 voucher.

Good luck everyone!

Jane x

PS.... Having a bit of trouble with the link at the 
moment, will try and get it on here in a while!!

OK - panic over link added!!
May take a few minutes to open though.

Saturday 11 June 2016

Interactive Cards - Dawn Heald

Morning all,

Welcome to the weekend....
Hope you have something nice planned,
I have a builder, plumber and electrician 
with me today so I think I shall be
kept very busy making teas and coffees!
Can't they put it away??  Still, we 
must keep them happy.

Dawn is here with us today to show
us her Interactive Card...

Dawn says -

Here I've made a secret message card.
 It's a gatefold card with a centre that
 pulls open to reveal a secret inside.
You can alter the measurements easily
 and also make more inside spaces by
 dividing the middle into more panels.

To make this style card....
Using A4 card. Divide into four equal

On the middle two panels score three
 equal lines going down across both panels.
On the middle panels cut along
 the horizontal score lines.

Next cut two pieces of card by cutting a
 piece of A5 card. Trim off a few
 millimeters then cut in half.

Now weave the two cut pieces in and out
 the cut middle panels as shown.
Make sure each piece weaved through on
 opposite rectangles to each other.

Then push the middle together and pull open
 at the middle to reveal the secret inside panels.
To go back to gatefold card simply pull the
 outside panels outwards and it will
 flatten out.

Then decorate as you wish. I used pattern
 papers and a stamped image as a
 focal point on the front.
These cards are really easy to make and
 fun to decorate and give to the recipient.

Products Dawn used - 

From stash.....
Border Punch, Label Maker

Another fun card to make life a little
more interesting!
Thank you Dawn!

Don't forget to let us know what you think!

Tomorrow is Challenge Day. 
I'll see you then!

Jane x