Saturday, 11 June 2016

Interactive Cards - Dawn Heald

Morning all,

Welcome to the weekend....
Hope you have something nice planned,
I have a builder, plumber and electrician 
with me today so I think I shall be
kept very busy making teas and coffees!
Can't they put it away??  Still, we 
must keep them happy.

Dawn is here with us today to show
us her Interactive Card...

Dawn says -

Here I've made a secret message card.
 It's a gatefold card with a centre that
 pulls open to reveal a secret inside.
You can alter the measurements easily
 and also make more inside spaces by
 dividing the middle into more panels.

To make this style card....
Using A4 card. Divide into four equal

On the middle two panels score three
 equal lines going down across both panels.
On the middle panels cut along
 the horizontal score lines.

Next cut two pieces of card by cutting a
 piece of A5 card. Trim off a few
 millimeters then cut in half.

Now weave the two cut pieces in and out
 the cut middle panels as shown.
Make sure each piece weaved through on
 opposite rectangles to each other.

Then push the middle together and pull open
 at the middle to reveal the secret inside panels.
To go back to gatefold card simply pull the
 outside panels outwards and it will
 flatten out.

Then decorate as you wish. I used pattern
 papers and a stamped image as a
 focal point on the front.
These cards are really easy to make and
 fun to decorate and give to the recipient.

Products Dawn used - 

From stash.....
Border Punch, Label Maker

Another fun card to make life a little
more interesting!
Thank you Dawn!

Don't forget to let us know what you think!

Tomorrow is Challenge Day. 
I'll see you then!

Jane x


  1. Must admit I don't understand how this works. It looks fab and Dawn always has great ideas. Obviously I need to try this. I'll let you know if I get my craft round it. Hugz

  2. Quite difficult to visualise (this is where a video demo would be useful) but I think it's a variation between the Magic wallet and the never ending card. Looks lovely and I love the colour scheme Dawn has used.


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