Wednesday 31 August 2016

Welcome to our new Blog Manager

Hi Folks

As you all know Jane has bucket loads going on in her life right now and she has been struggling (albeit valiantly and brilliantly) to fulfill all the tasks it takes to manage our blog, and has decided to hand over the mantle.  I know that she is sad to hand over and that she will miss the contact she has with you all, but I do expect her to pop up now and then!  I want to thank Jane for being so good and staying on to ensure a proper hand over, you have been amazing and I am so proud and grateful to call you friend.

The good news is that we have someone fabulous to take over as Blog Manager. Many of you will already know her as she has been a long term crafter and customer of The Craft Barn and it is...... drumroll please........Mickie Sutcliffe. For those who don't know her, here is a little Bio for you.

"I have been going to The Craft Bran for supplies and classes for many years so some of you will already know me.  However, for those who don’t my main interests are stamping, exploring different mediums, home decor and making books.  When I’m not crafting I am painting, to the extent that there is an overlap developing which I think we might have to call mixed media ;0)" 

So that you can put a face to the name here is a picture of Mickie and some other regulars at one of our recent classes.  Mickie is on the far left of the back row as you look at the photo - the red circle may be a bit of a giveaway!!

I know Mickie has some ideas going forward and will be re-establishing the regular project posts shortly and continuing with both challenges.  She will be coming on here to introduce herself to you over the next few days and I know that you will all make her feel welcome as she feels her way into the role.  Please feel free to let her know if there is anything we can do to make the blog better for you.

See you soon

Sandy xx

Tuesday 30 August 2016

Two Weekly Challlenge Winner

Morning all,

Hellooooo, everyone, hope you are 
all well!
Summer is nearly over and I don't
feel like we have even had a decent 
summer to speak of!  September is here
in a few days and then it is back to
school, half term and then Christmas....
and bang...another year gone!
Wow, that is scary! Where does the 
time go??  

I know these Winner posts seem to be getting
closer together! Ha ha!!

Anyway, it's Winners Day and let's see
who Mr Random Generator has picked 
this time.....

Your challenge was Blue or Blues
and 31 of you entered, wow, 
thank you!

And our winner is..... 3... 


Congratulations Gerrina on being our latest winner,
please contact me at
so that I can send you your prize.

Thank you everyone who entered....
you are the best!!

Jane x

Sunday 28 August 2016

Two Weekly Challenge


Sorry this is a little late....
guess who forgot to press the publish button?

No....I have no idea either??
Whoever it was needs to get the sack.... oh....
of course....that'll be me haha!!

Back to the post....

Morning everyone and 
Happy Bank Holiday Weekend
hope you are going to do something nice
wherever you are.  
Not sure what to expect weather wise
but it is the UK and it's Bank Holiday
so I shan't say anymore.....
well other than don't forget your umbrellas!!!

It's Sunday and that means
Challenge Day 
and this time it is 
Two Weekly Challenge!!

So what shall it be this time?
Well, I've thought long and hard on this
and I reckon you like a good challenge
with a bit of fun thrown in
as it's Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK
how about....
what men like to do on a Bank Holiday

I think that should give you something to think about!!
Could be gardening, cars, fishing, golf,
snoozing....whatever you like.
Is that ok??

So, you have two weeks, as many entries as you like,
entry via the link where possible but if not send
your pics to me at
and I will add them for you.  Of course I may
 not be with you by then but I will forward them 
on to the new blog author!

The link will close at midnight on
Sunday 11th September and the winner
will be announced on Tuesday 13th.
As always Mr Random Generator will
pick the winner and they will receive a
£10 voucher!

Good luck everyone, have fun and enjoy the
rest of your weekend!

Jane x

Sunday 21 August 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016

Good Morning to you all,

Hello fellow crafters, how are we all?
Been lovely here today, raining and blowing a
gale, blown all my potted trees in the garden 
over several times.  Have left them lying down
now....just not worth keep picking them up.
Stupid's supposed to be summer
but have you noticed the evenings are getting
darker earlier, by 9.00 pm now.
Autumn is nearly here....

Well anyway it is Sunday and it is 
Challenge Day!!
This time it is the new letter for
our Alpha/Dictionary Challenge....
what will it be.....

As usual the DT have had their say
and our new letter will be....


for a 'hundred' pesky dragonflies
nah....just kidding, no dragonflies
to be included!!

Karen has added to her tray with another
beautiful project...

So don't forget, you have two weeks for
as many entries as you like via the 
link.  If you can't use the link, email
your pics to me at
and I will add them for you.  I probably
won't be doing the blog by then but
I will send them on.  The link will close
at midnight on 4th September.
The winner will be picked by Random 
Generator and announced on Tuesday
6th September.  A £10 voucher will
be the prize!
Your project must be something 
beginning with the word H and also
include either the Dictionary definition
or a definition made up by yourself.

Good Luck everyone!

I'll be back on Tuesday with our latest 

Jane x

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Two Weekly Challenge Winner

Good Morning All,

Thank you for your lovely comments
on Sunday's post.  I didn't realise you
would put up with the pesky 
dragonflies to keep me happy ha ha!!
I may still be somewhere in the background, so
you may not have seen the last of me yet!!
Mwah ha ha!!

It's Tuesday again and that means 
Winners Day!!

Mr Random Generator didn't have to blow a 
gasket wading through the entries as
only 10 of you took up the challenge.
But who did he pick..... 5...

Karen P

Congratulations Karen P,
please contact me at
so that I can send you your prize.

Thank you to everyone for taking part,

See you soon,

Jane x

Sunday 14 August 2016

Two Weekly Challenge


Sunday is here again and how are 
we all?
Hope you are all good!

Just to let you know that the blog will
be back to normal soon and 
I have to tell you that someone else will
be taking over from me.  I'm sure it 
will carry on running as it has been,
obviously with more posts again and
the Challenges will remain the same.
I just need a bit of time to crack on with 
my own projects and I'm sure you must
realise that to get the blog running
smoothly can take a fair a bit of time!
So that will be happening in a few weeks 
but until then you are stuck with me!!
Ha ha!!  Aha, just realised that will mean no 
more pesky dragonflies included in the 
challenges to annoy you!!
You won't be sorry to see them go!

So what shall we have for our new 

Well as I look out the window at the moment
I can see a lovely blue sky, so I'm going to say

Blue or Blues

 Your project must include the colour blue
or shades of blue.  I'm sure that 
shouldn't be too difficult for you 
brilliant challengers!!

As usual you have two weeks for as many
entries as you like.  Entry via the link 
where possible but if you can't use the 
link then send your pics to me at
and I will add them for you.
The link will close at midnight on 
Sunday 28th August.
The winner will receive a £10 voucher 
to spend on the website and will be 
announced on Tuesday 30th August.

Good luck everyone and have fun!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Jane x

Tuesday 9 August 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016 Winner


Good morning all,
Tuesday here again and that means
Winners Day whoop whoop....
After our problem with the link,
I hope everything is sorted now and
everyone's pictures got included.
I checked back on the link that went
wrong and I see there was only one entry 
for me to add.
Thank you to everyone who took the trouble
to upload their picture again!

So......let's see who Mr Random Generator
has picked this time...... 25....


Congratulations to ionabunny
please email me at
so that I can send you your prize!

Thanks to everyone who entered.

See you soon,

Jane x

Monday 8 August 2016

Inky Fingers goes to the seaside

Hi Folks

This month Inky Fingers with Helen Chilton has a "beside the seaside" theme with this lovely little "scrapbook in a tin" project.  The tin is aprox 6x6" and you will create a decorated concertina inside which can be used as a scrapbook, brag book, for a special birthday or anniversary or anything else you choose!

You get to play with Alcohol inks, Impression Obsession stamps, Heartfelt Creations stamp and die sets, Distress inks and more.  If you fancy joining us on on Wednesday 17th August click here to book, we'd love to see you.

Happy crafting!



Sunday 7 August 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016

Morning Campers,

How are you all?
Hope you have something nice planned
for the family are all going
paintballing today....I might go and
have a laugh watching them but don't 
think I shall join in....I'm not that mad.
They came back with some wicked bruises
 last time!
But then again, I might have a quiet
day at home sorting out my huge amount
of stash.  Really need a good declutter.
I have so much now, some is 20 years old 
and if I haven't used it yet then I'm pretty
sure I'm not going to!

Well, it's Sunday and Challenge Day,
it's our new letter today for the 
Alpha/Dictionary Challenge.
Hopefully the link is still behaving and 
will close tonight at midnight for the 
last letter.  I will check after to make
sure that everyone who entered on the last
link but then their pic disappeared, is not 
forgotten.  I will have to add their pics
after and give them a number.

So what is our new letter to be....
ooh you are not going to like this one,
actually on second thoughts it is not so bad!
There are worse!

The DT have chosen...


they didn't give you a twist but you know
what, it's been too easy lately and I see 
from Karen's picture that she has added a 
pearl, so I'm going to say....

Z with a pearl!

Karen as usual has made a
lovely addition to her frame...

You know the rules by now, two weeks to
enter as many times as you like.  Entry 
via the link where possible which will close
at midnight on Sunday 21st August.
If you can't use the link then please send
your pics to me at
and I will add them for you.
Your project needs to include a word
beginning with the letter Z and include
somewhere a pearl or pearls.
The winner will be picked by Random 
Generator and announced on 
Tuesday 23rd August.  The winner will
receive a £10 price voucher.

Good luck everyone and enjoy the rest
of the weekend, wherever you are!!

Jane x

Friday 5 August 2016

More lovely papers


This time I have another two collections to share with you very different from the BoBunny papers.  Click on the individual banner to pop over to the website and see the collection in full

The first from Kaisercraft is definitely a male themed paper called Barber Shoppe and it is full of neutrals at the grey/pale blue/light fawn end of the spectrum, very appealing.


The second is a lovely quirky collection from FabScraps called Journey in Time and our banner doesn't really do it justice, it's a mulberry and dusty teal colour palette with a vaguely Italian feel from the Vespas and arches and doors as well as travel ephemora

See you soon

Sandy xx

Thursday 4 August 2016

Lots of lovely new BoBunny papers

Hi folks

We have had lots of lovely new papers in over the last week so I thought I would just pop up some taster pics to tempt you.  

Today it's the new BoBunny papers - four new collections including one Halloween and one Christmas. 

Just as an aside I love the smell of BoBunny papers; yeah yeah I know you probably think I'm strange but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Click here to check out all of the BoBunny collections




See you soon

Sandy xx

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Two Weekly Challenge Winner

Good Morning,

Well, what an eventful weekend 
I've had, trying to sort out what
went wrong with Mr Linky...
Think we might have to put it down
to one of life's little mysteries!!
Certainly caused me a few problems though.
hope we are just about back to normal now.

If you had already posted your 
Alpha/Dictionary Challenge picture
before our little problem, you will probably
find it has disappeared.  Please, if it has and you are
able to add it to the new link, I would be very grateful
if you can, if not, I'll try and get your pic back
and put it on.

Ok, it's winners day and I've added 
the extra pics who weren't able to
use the link before it closed early....

Who has Mr Random Generator
picked this time......

... no 18... 


Congratulations Marina,
please contact me at
so that I can send you your prize.

Thank you all for your patience while I'm
working through these problems.

Jane x

Monday 1 August 2016

Link is back with problems....


Where is the wine?
I need wine.....gallons of it!!!

Ok, the link is back but of course not
without problems....
I think what has happened is
the expired link for the 
Alpha/Dictionary Challenge has expired 
and I have replaced it with a new one.
That has meant that the pics already
uploaded have gone.  With a new link the
numbers would have been duplicated.
My question is... can those of you who
had already uploaded their pics,
do it again on the new link....or is that not 
possible?  I may be able to go into the
link dashboard and see what is there.

Answers not on a postcard, would be
great!! Ha ha!!

Jane x 

Link is Back

Hi everyone,

Well that was weird, no idea what
happened to Mr Linky but he is 
back working again, thank goodness!

I have added the links for yesterdays
Challenge and last weeks 
Alpha/Dictionary Challenge.
I will add the pics you sent me to the
C and S Challenge as obviously that
one has shut now but for those of
you who have emailed your pics for
letter C, if you now prefer to use the 
Link then that's fine.  I will only add your
pics at the end if you don't!
Is that ok, clear as mud??

Jane x