Monday, 1 August 2016

Link is Back

Hi everyone,

Well that was weird, no idea what
happened to Mr Linky but he is 
back working again, thank goodness!

I have added the links for yesterdays
Challenge and last weeks 
Alpha/Dictionary Challenge.
I will add the pics you sent me to the
C and S Challenge as obviously that
one has shut now but for those of
you who have emailed your pics for
letter C, if you now prefer to use the 
Link then that's fine.  I will only add your
pics at the end if you don't!
Is that ok, clear as mud??

Jane x


  1. Hi Jane. Linky has gone weird again. When I looked earlier mine was there but now it seems to have started a new list.

  2. Hi Jane, I have just had a look at the Alpha challenge and as Elaine has said it seems to have started a brand new list. My tag is no longer there and I sent you a flower too... will wait to see what happens there. And will add my Beach huts today myself. x


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