Sunday 31 July 2016


Just a quickie to say thank you for all your
pics you have been sending me,
I will be putting them on the posts

Jane x

Two Weekly Challenge

Good Morning all,

Here we are again, can't believe
how the weeks are flying by, the 
months too, it will be August tomorrow!!

Before I go any further, I'm a bit baffled
as to why our link is not working at the
moment.  Hopefully I will get to the 
bottom of it in the next day or so
but if you want to get your pics in
for the Challenge finishing today, then
just send them to me at
and I will add them for you.

As soon as we work out what has happened
to the link I will get it up and running
on this Challenge and last week's
which still has another week to run.

So what shall it be today then?
I'm thinking that the schools have finished
and it is supposedly holiday time for 
a lot of you!  What about a 
beach scene which must contain
 a beach hut!
So as long as there is a bit of sand and
a shed you are ok!! Ha ha!!
I'm sure you can come up with something
better than that!

You have two weeks to enter as many
times as you like.
Hopefully the link will close at midnight on
14th August.  You can send your pics to me
and I will add them for you.
The winner will be picked by Mr Random
Generator and announced on Tuesday
16th August.
A £10 Voucher will be the prize.

Good luck everyone,

Jane x

Saturday 30 July 2016

Link Problems

Sorry everyone,

For some reason the link has decided
to expire early on both our Challenges 
running at the moment.
Not quite sure what the problem is 
at the moment but you will have 
to send any pics to me at
and I will add them to the 
I have no idea what has gone wrong
but I am working on it!!

Jane x

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016 Winner

Morning all, 

Hope you are all well!

Tuesday here again and that can only mean
one thing.....Winners Day!

Good gracious aren't the weeks flying by...
already another winner.
26 of you lovely challengers entered and
as always the entries were amazing.
Clever ladies you are!

So who is our latest winner? 6...


Congratulations Lesley,
please contact me at
so that I can send you your prize.

Thank you to all our challengers for
taking part.

See you soon,

Jane x

Sunday 24 July 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016

Hello, Hello, Hello

Summer is here at last!
Hope you've all got some nice things
planned for the weekend.
And holidays too?

Well enjoy the sunshine while it is
here, who knows how long it will 
be with us, in fact I think the south 
is probably doing better than the north!
Don't like these hot nights though,
bad enough trying to sleep with 
hot flushes!! Ha ha!

So, it is Sunday and Challenge Day.
This week it is time for the new letter
to add to our Alpha/Dictionary Challenge.

The DT have had their say and our
new letter is.......


No twists you'll be pleased to hear!

Karen has been busy as usual and made....

C for camera.

Another lovely addition for her tray.

Ok, you have two weeks to enter 
as many times as you like.  The link will 
close at midnight 7th August.
If you can't use the link then send your
pics to me at
and I will add them for you.
The winner will, as usual, be picked
by Random Generator and will be announced
Tuesday 9th August.

Your project must include something
beginning with the word C and also
have somewhere a definition of the 
word you have chosen.  It can be
a Dictionary definition or one you have made 
up yourself!

All clear??  Of course it is!

Good luck everyone and don't forget if
you haven't entered the last one,
you still have until midnight.

See you soon,

Jane x

Just adding this....

27. papercrafteranon


28. jack in the box

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Two Weekly Challenge Winner

Morning all,

So today is going to be the hottest day of
 the year...whoop whoop!!
Bout time me thinks, a bit of warm 
sunshine....but apparently it is all coming
to an end tomorrow ha ha!!
So make the most of it today folks!

It's Winners Day....

who is going to be our latest winner?
Your Challenge was Butterflies!
And what absolutely beautiful 
entries they were too...all 23
of them!!

And the winner is....

who has Mr Random Generator 
picked today..... 12...


Congratulations Craftyfield,
please contact me at
so that I can send you your prize.

Thank you everyone who entered,
see you soon!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Jane x

Sunday 17 July 2016

Two Weekly Challenge

Good Morning Campers,

How are we all?

You've probably noticed that the blog is a little 
light at the moment.  As you know Neil
has gone to pastures new and Dawn has been 
rather poorly!  She is on the mend now and
we wish her a speedy recovery!

So, we have taken this time to re-assess
the blog, look at new topics, decide
on our new way forward etc.
We will be back with you really soon but
in the meantime, the Challenges will

This week it is the turn of the 
Two Weekly Challenge.
And what will our topic be today.....
hmmm I wonder!!
I think we are going to keep it really 
simple so how about a Clean and Simple Challenge.
To keep it really simple, you are allowed
one image and one sentiment, choice of
background is up to you!
Is that easy enough, or does that make it 
really hard.....let's see what you 
come up with.

Ok, you have two weeks for as many 
entries as you like, via the link if
possible but if not send your pics to me at
and I will add them for you.
The link will close at midnight on 
Sunday 31st July.
The winner will be picked by Random Generator
and announced on Tuesday 2nd August.
There will be a £10 Voucher as 
a prize.

See you soon,

Jane x 

Adding these as the link shut early.....

23. Kandacreativemoments

24. Maggie

25. ionabunny

26. Annie O

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016 Winner

Morning everyone,

Here we are again for Winners Day!
These Tuesdays get closer and closer
I'm sure!

So, 24 of you entered the Challenge,
Your entries are amazing as usual 
and all very different!
It's lovely for us here to see them all
and how you interpret the chosen

Ok, without further ado, let's get on 
with the important stuff....
who has Mr Random Generator 
picked this week? 2....

Bluebeard and Elizabeth

 Congratulations to Bluebeard and Elizabeth!!
Please contact me at
so that I can send you your prize.

Thank you to everyone who takes the trouble
to enter our Challenges!

See you soon,

Jane x

Ok I've just spent ages on this trying to get 
the pictures in the post to show
in the centre!  Every time I write 
the post they are where they should be
but when I preview, they shuffle over to the 
left!!  Aaaagh....nothing is working
so I'm sorry if the post appears a bit
drunk but they don't seem to want to
do what I am telling them.
Let's hope it works out when I press publish 
although I am not holding my breath!

Sunday 10 July 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016


Good morning to you all!!

Hope you are having a great weekend and
as it is Sunday, you know what that means...

Yes, it's Challenge Day, gosh these days 
come around so quickly!  i was starting to
post the next Two Weekly Challenge and then
I checked and realised that was last week and
we are back again to the Alpha/Dictionary
Challenge again!!  Good gracious!!

So, just checking my notes to see what the 
DT has picked as their next letter and it is.....


and their are no twists.....oh that is so boring
perhaps it should be under the sea with a cat this
time ha ha ha!!!!  I can hear you all groaning from
here!  No, there are definitely no twists!

What has Karen made for us this time 
I wonder....

Another amazing project, thank
you Karen!

The rules... oh my goodness, I am sure 
you know them by now!
You have two weeks to enter as many times as you like,
the link will close at midnight on Sunday
24th July.
If you can't use the link, send your pics to me at
and I will add them for you!
The winner will be picked by Random Generator
on Tuesday 26th July.  They will receive
a £10 gift voucher.
Remember, your project must be something 
beginning with the letter 'N' and must
include somewhere either the dictionary
definition of the word you have picked, or
a definition that you have made up yourself!

Good luck everyone and don't forget you still
have time to enter the last challenge
from 2 weeks ago!

See you soon,

Jane x

Saturday 9 July 2016

Alice in wonderland meets Inky Fingers!

Jane does such a great job of posting samples and managing the challenge that I have made a bit of a resolution to try and keep our blog followers a bit more in touch with things that are going on with The Craft Barn in general including the lovely class projects and new products.
To starting off  thought I would share with you the Project for Helen Chilton's Inky Fingers class on Wednesday 20th July. 

The project uses our new Papermache HousesDeep Red Rubber stamps and more to create a beautiful piece of art.

Click here if you fancy booking on line and joining us alternatively you can ring me to book on 07958 569279
See you soon
Sandy xx

Tuesday 5 July 2016

Two Weekly Challenge Winner

Good Morning Everyone,

Here we are again, happy as can be....
and it's Tuesday and you know what that 
Challenge Winner

Your Challenge was to create a project
of 'under the sea' but including
somewhere ....a 'dog'!!

Well, only 8 of you were brave enough 
to take this challenge ha ha!! 
Was it really that hard?
Still, it's just a bit of fun.
Well done to the 8 entries, you
did very well! 

So who did Mr Random Generator
pick this week? 3....


Congratulations to Maggie
please contact me at
so that I can send you your prize.

Thank you to everyone who entered.

See you soon,

Jane x

Sunday 3 July 2016

Two Weekly Challenge

Morning All,

Happy Sunday everyone,
the sun is shining and all is well
with the world!

Anyway, it's Sunday and that means
one thing....
Challenge Day!

 So what is it to be this time, I was a bit 
mean last time making you think 
underwater but with a dog added somewhere
so I will make it easier for you!
There is still time to enter if you 
haven't got your pics in yet!!

What shall we have this time, well
as the last weeks posts have both
included butterflies and Neil is 
flying off to pastures new...I think I'm 
going to say....
not one butterfly but butterfliesssss
so there must be more than one, 
as many as you like!

That's not too hard is it?

The many entries as you like,
via the link where possible or if not to
and I will add your pics for you.
You have two weeks, the link will close
at midnight on Sunday 17th July.
The winner will be picked on Tuesday 
19th July and will receive a £10 Voucher.

Good luck everyone!

See you soon,

Jane x

Saturday 2 July 2016

Honey Doo - Dawn Heald

Happy Weekend!

Saturday is here again, can't believe it!
We are also now into July too!

Dawn is here with us today to show
us what she has made using Honey Doo
Stamps.  These stamps are lovely and
you can see them all here.
Do take a look, you will not be disappointed!

This is what Dawn says...

If you've not seen Honey Doo Stamps before
 do check them out. They lend themselves
 very well to all kinds of techniques.
 So after playing around I went for something
 simple and bright, making use of nearly 
all the stamps in this set. These butterflies
 will prove handy time and again.

Trim white card to 6x4 inches. Stamp an
 array of butterflies in different colours all 
over. Stamp a few extra, colour and cut out.

Attach this to kraft card base. Stamp sentiment
 and stick in place. Add cut out butterflies to
 card with foam pads. Finish by dotting clear
 gems the  card.

This a simple but bright and cheerful
card... love the colours used!

Products Dawn used -

Sometimes you just don't need to do 
much to make a good impression!
This is a lovely simple card that
would suit any age.

Don't forget to let us know what you think.

See you tomorrow,

Jane x

Friday 1 July 2016

Honey Doo - Neil Walker

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another week here on 
the blog!
I have to tell you with sadness that
this is the last post from Neil 
as a DT member!  Neil has been with
us a long time and his projects have always
been so inspiring.  We will definitely miss him
but wish him all the very best with
what he will be doing and don't forget you
can still find him at

And he leaves us today with what I 
think is his best project ever!
I'm definitely going to have to steal this...
it is so beautiful!

Stamp the border stamp onto the tag so
that the top and bottom goes off the page as seen.

Cut away the edge as shown. Stamp the
 border onto scrap paper and cut the butterflies
 out and use as a mask.

Stamp over the tag using the heart stamp with
 green and yellow archival ink.

Attach a piece of patterned card to create
 the tag shape again. Add a little colour
 to the tag with Distress Stains

Stamp and cut out three of the butterflies 
onto scrap card, colour with Distress Stain
 and attach as seen to add dimension.

Attach ribbon and a suitable sentiment to finish.

Wow, love it, thank you Neil!

this is what Neil used ....

Let us know what you think!

I'll be back tomorrow,

Jane x