Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016 Winner

Morning everyone,

Here we are again for Winners Day!
These Tuesdays get closer and closer
I'm sure!

So, 24 of you entered the Challenge,
Your entries are amazing as usual 
and all very different!
It's lovely for us here to see them all
and how you interpret the chosen

Ok, without further ado, let's get on 
with the important stuff....
who has Mr Random Generator 
picked this week?

....no 2....

Bluebeard and Elizabeth

 Congratulations to Bluebeard and Elizabeth!!
Please contact me at 
so that I can send you your prize.

Thank you to everyone who takes the trouble
to enter our Challenges!

See you soon,

Jane x

Ok I've just spent ages on this trying to get 
the pictures in the post to show
in the centre!  Every time I write 
the post they are where they should be
but when I preview, they shuffle over to the 
left!!  Aaaagh....nothing is working
so I'm sorry if the post appears a bit
drunk but they don't seem to want to
do what I am telling them.
Let's hope it works out when I press publish 
although I am not holding my breath!


  1. Technology. Don't you just love it! It looks ok from here. Congrats to Elizabeth. Hugz

  2. Well done Elizabeth, your post looks just fine Jane x

  3. Congrats Elizabeth! Lou x

  4. Oh my goodness, this was driving me bonkers because nothing would move the pics from the left hand side!! I'm so glad it looks ok!
    Jane x

  5. Huge congratulations Elizabeth, that is brilliant:)


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