Saturday 28 October 2017



Hi There!

Are you all having a good 
time?  Do make the most
of the "light" evenings we
have left for tomorrow we
can craft the night away!

I have a fabulous project
from Angela Radford for
you today and here she is
to tell you all about it....

"Hi all, Angela here to show you how
 I decorated this gorgeous little wooden Icon.

So here we go. I removed the hinges first
 as I like to keep them nice and shiny! 
You may wish to just sand the surface 
a little before the next stage then seal 
the wood with a coat of Gesso.

I like to start with a dark background
 for this technique

Then add the Crackle glaze.
 A nice thin layer is best then leave to dry.

Cover the area where the crackle glaze 
was applied. Do this with one stroke, 
don't be tempted to over work it or
 the crackling wont happen. You can 
see here how quickly the crackling starts.

I like to blend the bottom of the paint
 a little as the crackle starts to appear.

Once that is completely dry you 
can start to add more colour.

Next I used one of the PaperArtsy stamps 
on Tissue paper. 

You can stamp straight onto the surface 
of the paint but this is just a technique that 
I find works well.

Cut the stamped images so they will fit
 where you want them and apply glue
 to the back of the tissue and smooth
 the image onto the icon and then seal it
 with the glue.

Allow that to dry and then repeat this
on the inside.

Next I added more detail using a stencil 
and grunge paste.

 I have left the grunge paste white as 
I like the way it makes the design pop.

 I used a white pen and outlined some parts
 of the door to make it stand out more.

And here we are all completed inside.

And the outside. 

Happy crafting everyone, Angela xXx"

Products used:

Thank you Angela, I love
that sentiment - this icon
would make a lovely gift
for someone who is
having a tough time

So, as I know of such a
someone I shall have to
set to and replicate this
lovely icon

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Friday 27 October 2017



Hallo Everyone!

Brrr! It's getting a bit
chilly here - how's the
temperature with you?
Don't get me wrong, 
after all it is getting on
for winter - I'll just
have to get another 
woolly out..........or
knitting needles! 

Here's Helen Chilton
who is using lovely
warm and bright colours!

"Wooden icon - lovely and bright. 
The Zinsky stamps work really well on this.

Start by gessoing and then painting
 in Fresco Finish Blue Oyster.

I've then stencilled in white with the 
Tim Holtz mosaic design stencil.

You can then add another colour on top
 (in this case Zesty Zing) and the
 colour will stay true.

Stamp your designs in a very light colour
 - I used Archival Shadow Grey.

The white paint comes out again, 
this time to block in the images.

Then you can stamp again in black 
over the top....

... and paint the flowers in bright 
colours over the white.

Add shadow and white dots to make it 'pop'.

I wasn't quite happy with the stencilling 
so drew round some of the pattern in a
 fine black pen. It just gave it a
 bit more definition.

Finish with some text."

Products used:

Captain Peacock, Cherry Red, Bougainvillea, Tango,
 Blue Oyster, Snowflake
White paint pen

Sure to bring a smile to
anyone's face!  Thank you Helen

Love those Zinsky stamps
and the Zinnies too!  

So good to find some fun
in this very serious world

'Till Tomorrow

Mickie xx

Thursday 26 October 2017



Hallo Everyone!

Another fine day for
planning a project or
even making one.....

I came across an article
in an arty mag about
Icons and was attracted
by their strong colours
and images, which
inspired me to approach
the Design Team.........

Craftyfield was the first
to take on the challenge
and here she is:

When I think Diptychs or Triptychs I am 
reminded of Byzantine icons, painted on
 wood, with rich colours and a lot of gold...

I set out to emulate these icons, 
minus the religious connotations, in this project.

 First I prepared the wood with a light
 sanding and 2 coats of Gesso.

 I stamped an "old" image on the left
 and a contemporary image on the right, 
maybe these 2 are from the same family
 across the ages...

The right side has been sanded smoother
 for a less aged look.

 I used acrylic paints to colour the images.

I applied a coat of red acrylic paint (DecoArt)
 and some gilding wax through a stencil 
for the outside of the diptych.

 Next I applied some crackle paint on 
both front and back panels, although 
for some reason there wasn't a lot of 
crackle this side (the red side). 
Maybe I spent to long going back
 and forth with the brush?

I followed this with a raw umber glaze
 to show up the cracks, buffing with a 
dry cloth before the glaze had time 
to dry on top of the crackle layer.

This gives an aged look effortlessly.

I applied Treasure gold all around the panels,
 front and back and finished by stamping 
and embossing in gold a quote 
(also from HP1008). 

The wood wasn't smooth enough for a
 perfect stamping but since I was
 making an old icon I figured the writing
 might have rubbed off."

Thank you Craftyfield, a
great start to this week's
theme.  I love those rich,
bold colours too.....

Of course, if you felt like a
change of stamps, take a
look here or here

I think those hinged frames
would lend themselves to
this treatment too ..........

Hmmm, that's got me thinking
Haha!  Watch out world!!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx