Wednesday, 11 October 2017

For the Girls

For the Girls

Hi There!

Good to have you with us
today and you won't be

Craftyfield is here with a
gift we'd all love to

"The best thing about the Art-C products 
is the ability to customise an item entirely 
to the person you are creating a gift for. 
Colours, textures, and even features such as
 drawer inserts can be made exactly
 how you want!

The construction of the box is self explanatory 
but I suggest you first lay down all your pieces
 according to the notice to avoid errors later.

 The pieces of the box slot into each other 
and hold together well in the finished item 
but a bit of glue is required. 

The above photo is showing where I apply
 the glue (in the recesses) but really it's a 
matter of looking at the contact points and
 spreading a bit of glue at these points.

There... much easier than an Ikea flat pack! 

I gave my box 2 layers of Gesso to provide
 a blank canvas for my rice paper 
and possibly my stamping, stencilling etc...

I cut the paper to size and used gel medium
 to stick down, immediately covering
 with gel medium on top.

In the end, the paper looked so good I 
covered all sides and the drawers! 

Still, I had to add a bit of stamping... For this,
 I used some Starlight paint in Dark Orchid, 
applied to the stamp with a piece of 
Ranger Cut N Dry foam. 

And yes, as the picture suggests, I use the 
WRONG side of the foam, because the right side 
has a tendency to deliver too much paint 
to the stamp, spoiling the details.

A bit of Metallic lustre on all ridges... 
[Cosmic shimmer Gilding polish or 
Treasure gold will work too].

At this stage, I varnished the box with 
2 layers of DecoArt Ultra matte varnish.

 For embellishments, I made corners die-cut
 from recycled metal and "molded" around 
my box before glueing down with gel medium.

 For earrings (the kind for pierced ears),
 I made a drawer insert with a piece of 
styrofoam covered with d├ęcoupage paper. 

I'm still mulling over how to make 
cylindrical cushions to hold rings...- 
all suggestions gratefully received - 
but, in the meantime, I just lined the drawer 
with a piece of the same decoupage paper.

More pics for you:

The back

The side

and the front again

I hope this has inspired you to make 
gifts for the girls...."


Absolutely gorgeous Craftyfield
and you make it all look so
easy to do too  Thank you

Now come on Everyone..
who wouldn't want to 
receive such a beautiful gift.........?

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Very feminine set of drawers and a nice touch would be to add a piece of jewellery ( if it was for a special person). Love the addition to the corners xx

  2. This is gorgeous!!!! If it helps for the rings...I covered a piece of thick foam with felt and made slits in the top,big enough for rings to site in. Worked perfectly xxx

  3. Ooh this is beautiful! What a wonderful gift it would be. xxx

  4. Lovely idea for a gift, beautifully decorated. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  5. Gorgeous project. What a transformation. Beautifully created as always.
    Flo x

  6. Totally gorgeous!!
    Well done, Christine, fantastic project and jewellery box from scratch! I always love your clever ideas and great tutorials X


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