Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Gifts for the Girls

Gifts for Girls

Hi There!

Hope your week is going
well.  Mine's a bit topsy

"No change there then" I
hear you say...

.....I seem to have an extra
Gift for the Girls and not
enough Icons (starts tomorrow)
How did that come about?
Don't ask, just enjoy as
Louise Thomson brings you
a delightful extra "gift"

"Previously I have made little wooden 
bird houses in to Christmas tree
 decorations and I had thought I might
 do the same with these adorable 
little ArtC ones. 

At my hubby's suggestion I changed my
 mind and decided to make a baby girls
 mobile but as the project progressed 
it somehow turned in to a decorative 
wall hanging!! 

At least that means there are plenty
 more ideas for future sets!

I started by laying out the bird houses 
and painting one side with fresco chalk paint.

The houses were easily assembled 
and glued using pva. 

I painted the outside in Fresco Pixie Dust paint 
and made little hooks for them by twisting
 wire around some round nosed pliers.

I found some cute scraps of paper for 
the roof and cut them to size. 

I pushed the wire loops through the
 paper strips and glued them down

I can't tell you how much I adore
 these little things!

I put scraps of paper in the back and 
stamped a carabelle stamp on to
 some painted card
 adding tiny pieces to the houses

I cut a few more paper scraps to make
 'nesting material' and bunting. 

I painted a few kaisercraft wooden flourishes
 to go with the houses and assembled
 everything with ribbons and thread, 
tied on to a twig from the garden."



Thank you Louise, this project
is a joy and lends itself to so
many occasions 

I have to confess to having a
set of these little houses sitting on
my desk in the guise of
a "work in progress" ...............

Now I know exactly what I
shall make with them....

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


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