Friday, 27 October 2017



Hallo Everyone!

Brrr! It's getting a bit
chilly here - how's the
temperature with you?
Don't get me wrong, 
after all it is getting on
for winter - I'll just
have to get another 
woolly out..........or
knitting needles! 

Here's Helen Chilton
who is using lovely
warm and bright colours!

"Wooden icon - lovely and bright. 
The Zinsky stamps work really well on this.

Start by gessoing and then painting
 in Fresco Finish Blue Oyster.

I've then stencilled in white with the 
Tim Holtz mosaic design stencil.

You can then add another colour on top
 (in this case Zesty Zing) and the
 colour will stay true.

Stamp your designs in a very light colour
 - I used Archival Shadow Grey.

The white paint comes out again, 
this time to block in the images.

Then you can stamp again in black 
over the top....

... and paint the flowers in bright 
colours over the white.

Add shadow and white dots to make it 'pop'.

I wasn't quite happy with the stencilling 
so drew round some of the pattern in a
 fine black pen. It just gave it a
 bit more definition.

Finish with some text."

Products used:

Captain Peacock, Cherry Red, Bougainvillea, Tango,
 Blue Oyster, Snowflake
White paint pen

Sure to bring a smile to
anyone's face!  Thank you Helen

Love those Zinsky stamps
and the Zinnies too!  

So good to find some fun
in this very serious world

'Till Tomorrow

Mickie xx

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  1. I am so in love with these stamps. Great project. Happy crafty weekend, Angela xXx


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