Thursday, 19 October 2017

For the Boys

For the Boys

Hi Everyone!

Wouldn't be great if
making gifts for the
boys was just a question
of changing the colour
scheme? ........... 

Actually, I think we
would miss out on a lot
of the fun if we did that
although I did read 
somewhere that the male
brain is wired differently
for colour.  Really?
I'm not sure  .........

Louise Thomson has
an interesting question  .......

"Why do women get all 
the notebooks?! Sure, I love a tiny 
notebook probably as much as most 
crafters but that's not to say that 
there can't be masculine ones too. 

My Dad always keeps a notebook
 in the car to record his petrol 
and mileage. 

My brother has one that he records
 places he's cycled, and yet
 if you look in the shops, most 
notebooks are floral and feminine, 
or at best plain. 

Time to address the situation!

I started with an alterable Kraft notebook, 
fresco paint in Antarctic and some 
Seth Apter stamps. 

I gave the notebook a couple of coats
 of paint and left it to dry.

 I stamped one of the Seth Apter ESA05 set
 in cobalt archival ink onto some tissue paper
and glued to the spine.

 I used aquamarine archival ink 
for the main image

I partially re inked the stamp and stamped 
over the top in the darker blue. 

Using a fine liner I highlighted a few 
of the details. 

I also added some inking around 
the edge of the notebook.

To finish I added metal corners 'tarnished' 
with a little permanent black ink, 
coiled wire and a wooden kaisercraft key 
gilded in silver alchemy wax and attached
 with a little piece of wire."

Thank you Louise.  I think
you have provided a good
solution to the dilemma of
why are little notebooks
often so pretty pretty

I try to keep a stock of
these little notebooks to
hand as I find they do
make nice little presents
and are quite fun to
decorate to suit the

"Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

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