Thursday, 2 June 2016

Starlight Paints - Neil Walker

Hi everyone,

Flaming June is here and what
a great start it has made!!  
Rain, flooding, wind and no sign of
the sun!
Nothing changes does it!

This week we are going to look at a
new product and a fabulous one
it is too!
Starlight Paints from Imagination Crafts.
They are amazing to use and the colours 
are beautiful.  You can check them
out here.
Do have a look as they are beautiful
paints and can be used on 
different surfaces.

Neil is starting us off today...

He has painted this lovely box -

Neil says ...
Paint the box using a combination of the three
 colours of paint.

When the base colour is down, add some 
rough strokes of colour as you can see here.

Use a moist wipe to blend the colours in
 which creates a more subtle tonal finish.

Paint the glass with the Starlight paint too.

Dab the paint with a tissue while wet to
 remove the brushstrokes and give a
 more textured finish.

When the paint is dry, cut a piece of card and
 cut out space for the mask in the area you
 want it to go. I found it easier to do it this way
 as I was concerned that taping it to the
 glass would lift the paint when I removed
 it. Use black paste to cover.

Then I got "brave" because I was too
 impatient to wait until it had dried, and
 just laid my next mask over and carefully
 spread the black paste over...

Leave to dry thoroughly.

Cut a piece of card to fit the glass and stamp
 the map as seen, trying not to press too hard
 on the inside edges so it isn't such a straight
 line. Colour with a bit of distress inks in areas
 to create interest. Glue this to the back
 of the glass with Faux Finishing Medium, 
making sure the design faces the correct way
 when the lid is closed (Yes, this is the
 voice of experience speaking!)

To finish the inside you could stamp and colour
 the card, or do as I did and raid your decorative
 tape finish I edged it with copper tape.

Add some texture by stamping the map along the
 edges of the lid

Everything was then given a coat of finishing
 medium to seal and protect the top.

I brushed it over then dabbed it with a
 scrunched up piece of tissue to remove
 the brushstrokes.

How amazing is this??

So Neil has used the paints on both wood
and glass.

This is what Neil used -

From stash -
Wooden Specimen Box
Decorative Paper
Copper Tape

the pictures will not do this box
justice, the paints are just
Do give them a try.

See you tomorrow,

Jane x


  1. The paints do look good even from the pics! And the box is beautiful inside and out!

  2. Fabulous box - love it and how you've decorated it!


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