Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Twelve Month Challenge Winner

Twelve Month Challenge Winner

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Two challenge winners today
August and September as
I see I have omitted to announce
the winner for the August
challenge where a tractor had to
be included.   There were some
great tractors for all the
consternation caused.

Just goes to show you have all
got more talent than you think

I am pleased to announce
that the August winner
The Random Generator
has chosen is

No 5

 Sybil Grieco

Turning to September

Lots of lovely fruit here and no
particular challenge except to
take part.........haha!

Once again all the numbers
were handed to Mr R Generator
and he has chosen

No 8

by Kaybee

Congratulations to both winners
and please email me so I can
send you your vouchers

Only another three months
to go until this challenge 
comes to an end. 

I have a couple of ideas for
next year but as it is your
challenge - I wonder what
sort of thing you would like
to do?  Please don't be shy
 I'm grateful for your input

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Hi Mickie, I haven't been here much this year, which is a little sad, because I am a long time supporter of the Craft Barn. I have found the requirements of your challenges too restrictive, having to put words that have no personal relevance on the project. That said, the people who have participated have produced some lovely projects. See, I have been lurking. I enjoy a challenge, but I need to be making something I can use. So,ideas.... how about basing the challenges on products from the Craft Barn, since the whole point is probably to be promoting them. And keep it 'open'. So stamps, inks, paint, chipboards, stencils, but must include a current product stocked in the Craft Barn on the project. Maybe not the theme product, but something the Craft Barn sells must be included. I also like recipes, maybe pick a colour, a theme and an occasion each challenge ie, blue, animals, birthday. Something like that. Also the team has been diligently turning out inspiration. Maybe you could pick one of the themes they have produced fab inspiration for the previous week/fortnight/month and set that as a challenge. Hugz

    1. Hi there - nice to know you have been following the challenges. I like your ideas, especially of building on the inspiration provided by the Design Team. Look forward to having you actively back with us in 2018 xx

  2. Hi Mickie I have loved the monthly calandar challenge as I use it to make a techniques art journal page. However I have found the song challenge too restrictive as I sell all my cards and they would not sell with unrelated words on. So sadly I only entered that once this year with a Christmas card. I like any themes but I am not a huge lover of sketches. Thanks for all your hard work and looking forward to seeing what you come up with xx

    1. Thanks Jane. I will bear your comments in mind in planning the challenges for 2018 xx

  3. Hi Mickie, how do I get in contact. Everything I find leads me to the blog or your picture.

    1. Hi Sybil, I'm sorry you are having difficulty in contacting me. You should have no trouble emailing me on mickiecraftbarn@gmail.com Please give it a try and I look forward to hearing from you xx

  4. Congratulations to the winners. I definitely agree some very talented participants this year who have risen to the challenge brilliantly and showcased their paintings and drawings.

    1. I do so agree with you Claire. There's a lot of talent out there xx


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