Sunday 22 January 2012

Comments and "reactions"

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know of a couple of changes. Those of you who read my blog would have seen this  earlier this week there too.

I have activated the "threaded comments", which means that when you ask a question in a comment, I can now answer direct on that comment and you receive a notification (I think). Others can see the answer too so it's good for everyone.

Next, about the comments... First of all, we have had more comments on our posts lately and I will never thank you enough. It makes a huge difference to the team (who work hard to offer amazing samples and projects on this blog) but also to me, who spend a lot of time on here. I like to know what you think and like as it helps us schedule to following months.
Having said that, I do understand that we all follow tons of blogs and we don't have time to comment on each and everyone of them. Therefore, you have now the option to tick one of the "reaction" boxes below (just above the comments) and let us know what you think. It takes 1/2 a second but still shows your appreciation.

You can choose between: It's ok -- Like it -- Love it -- or -- Oh Wow!
I do hope you will use that easy tool in the future when you come and visit. 

You can also use it on previous posts. 

See you tomorrow for a brand new week and theme, 

take care, 


  1. Great work Izzy I try to leave comments when I visit but if in a rush I will now be able to tick box...fab

    Maggie :-)

  2. Thanks a great idea. I know there have been a lot of problems recently with commenting on blogger blogs & it's really frustrating when you want to comment but can't.

  3. A good idea Izzy, think I follow about 100 blogs, which can be very time consuming. Now if I'm short of time I'll just tick a box! xx

  4. Fab idea - time saving when you are passing comment on LOADS!


  5. Great idea - I have friends who visit my own blog and don't like to leave comments so it would be nice to have something like this just to know they've stopped by.

  6. C'est une super idée Isa. C'est vrai que parfois ça prend un temps fou de commenter, et que parfois on zappe un commentaire alors qu'on adore le descriptif ou la réa... Donc si ça aide, ça peut être un bon compromis parfois... Bisous

  7. Awesome idea! Especially on those days when blogger doesn't want to cooperate with the comment boxes! You are doing a fabulous job inspiring all of us and I love checking out your blog for new ideas!

  8. Great idea I always read your blog through my flipboard which you cannot leave a comment on but you can be sure if you've posted it I've read it ......I try and leave comments most of the time but sometimes short of time so to have this facility will be great. Clipboard helps you read everyone's blog in no time at all . X


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