Sunday, 10 February 2013

Alpha/dictionary Challenge Letter C winner and wall of fame

Well, we've done it. Even more entries this time! 86!!! Well done to everyone. Love seeing your pages,  your ideas, how you alter your pages, how you "twist" the words sometimes, it's really great. 
More entries means more choice, so more difficult for me to choose which pages are going to make the Wall of Fame. 
A bit more about this later, but fisrt our winner for the C challenge... 


Please get in touch so I can send you your £20 voucher 


Now, for the letter C wall of fame

Angie with Climb
Just look at this one closely... pure artwork. Love it

Danielle with Champagne
ok, being French, I had to pick that one LOL
(although I don't like Champagne nor wine for the matter... but I love this area of France)

Claire with Cats
Love the shadow work on this

Paulaesuk with Celestial
What is there to say? I just went "oh wow!" when I saw this one... 

Arrowenn with Chiffre Cinq
Loved the stencil background work on this one. Very original


ok, I know I said 5 pages every week, but I could not resist showing you this one made by little Juan, 6 years old.... isn't it just fantastic?

Juan (6 years old) with Camion

So if you are listed above either because you won the voucher or because you are on the WALL OF FAME, get in touch and I'll send you a little logo or blinkie to add to your blog ;-)

See you soon, 


  1. Beautiful work from everyone!! :)

  2. Some great entries to the wall of fame, well deserved all. Well done to the winner too. Already looking forward to the next letter!

  3. Congratulations to Yvonne a beautiful Circus page and also to all on the wall of fame especially Juan a lovely artistic page....well done everyone
    Looking forward to next letter already!!:-)


  4. Congratulations to everyone - these pages are all brilliant! xx

  5. Thank you! you made me very happy.
    Congratulations Yvonne, and to all on the wall of fame.
    Have a beautiful day! Sunshine from Montreal.

  6. Congratulations to Yvonne and to all my fellow Wall of Famers.

  7. Great work everyone, the most original must be the climbing on the wall one! Very clever!

  8. They are all brilliant glad I didn't have to pick a winner, not sure I could have decided. Well done to everyone. And all this inspiration!

  9. Oh my! How exciting! Thank you so much for randomly picking my number. Sincere congrats to those who were chosen for the Wall of Fame! Bravo, well done! Hugs, Yvonne

  10. Congratulations all, lovely pages!


  11. ***superbes réalisations


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