Friday, 8 November 2013

Fast and Furious/crafting with kids - Izzy

If you are a parent (like me), or a grand-parent (not like me!),  you probably have your kids coming to you (usually with a 2 day warning) asking for a bunch of cards to give to their friends and teachers at school for Christmas. And by "a bunch", I mean for the whole class, the teacher, teacher's assistant, the headteacher/principal, the nice ladies at the office.... 
Sounds familiar? 
And if you have an arty kid like mine, she will want to "make" cards ... bless her she's been watching me make cards for all occasions since she was born, so I can't no when she says "but I want to *make* my cards"... 
ok, don't panic... here's a quick way which all children, regardless of their age will really enjoy. 

I started with Gelli Art backgrounds. Depending on the age of the children, you can make the background for them, or you can let him/her make their own. My 10 year old DD looooves making her own background with the Gelli plate. 
Or, you might have your own personal stash of backgrounds you have made and don't know what to do with it.. well, there you go... fast and furious Christmas cards. 
Should you not have a Gelli Arts plate, then you can get some of the gorgeous xmas papers/cards, they will work just the same.

  •  Make a few backgrounds with your Gelli plate (click here to read previous posts about this)
  • Cut your cards to size. These are little 9x9 cm cards
  • Using punches or dies, cut squares in different sizes and cut those in half to obtain triangles
  • Quick and easy way to make xmas trees... your child will love the cutting, collaging, gluing

 Use different colour backgrounds for boys and girls cards

 Now, depending on the age/abilities of your child there are several options from here. 
The youngest one will like to outline with (children safe, not Copic/Promakers) markers and colour with colouring pencils. 
Good exercise for concentration and dexterity 

 With a slightly older child, you can take this opportunity to show him/her how different a tree can look based on where the outline is... 
He will have fun in experimenting a bit and there is no harm in teaching him a thing or two whilst making it fun

 Now for the older child or the budding artist, you can move on shadows and depth. 
Those will take a bit longer so it will be a "make it special for your teacher" kinda thing. 
Parents will be proud, kiddo will be proud and the teacher will definitely appreciate the time and effort

Of course, they can add glitter, gems, pearl or stickers onto their cards, but I just wanted to show you the basics.
Hope these little tips will help you spend some festive quality time crafting with your children/grandchildren
Have fun!

What I used:
Gelli Arts plate and paints (Fresco Finish)
Woodware stamp set: Noel

See you tomorrow



  1. Just had to say how much I love this Izzy :D What a fab Christmas card, I'm going to have to have a go with my grand daughters! Xx

  2. Brilliant! I shall adapt this idea for our son to try out! Bravo!

  3. Great tips Izzy. Our grandchildren love cardmaking and stamping, it is all fun and a little bit educational too :)


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