Friday, 13 February 2015

New Shoes Week - Pauline Wheeler


I hope this finds you all well.
I've been having a look to see where our lovely
 viewers are and I see we are attracting worldwide views!!
Hello also to all our overseas viewers.  We have almost as many looking
 at us from the USA as here in the UK.
Well it is lovely to see you all here.

By the way, it is that time in February again and Sandy
and I are off to the Trade Show at the weekend to see what new goodies
will be available in the next few months.  Exciting times!
(Not for my Purse, I'm sure)

Anyway, enough of's New Shoes week
and I have another stunning project for you this time from Pauline.

This is what Pauline did...

Paint inside and out with Black Gesso.

Cut three strips of thin black card to
6 x 1 inch - 1 off
5 x 1 inch - 2 off

Use the Envelope Punch Board and punch all three strips in the centre
on both edges.  Round the corners of the 6 inch and one of the
 5 inch strips using the corner rounder at the back of the board.  
Snip the centre of the other piece using the punch.

Curl the two strips and glue the two ends to the centre.
Coat all the pieces with Glue and Seal and coat with Distress Glitter - don't cover the 
centre where they will be stuck together!

Stick them all together and add a pearl in the centre.

                  Coat the heel with Glue and Seal and cover with glitter....

Add a strip of red adhesive tape around the edge of the shoe
and again cover with glitter.

Stick bow onto the shoe.

Wow!!!  Very pretty.

I know it's the wrong colour but it just reminds me of the 
famous shoes in The Wizard of Oz!!  Ooh that film used to
scare me when I was a lot younger!

If you want to have a go, this is what Pauline used....

Paper mache shoe
Black Gesso
Glue and Seal
Distress Glitter  
Adhesive tape

So, there is today's shoe.....what do you think?
Do let us know, we love to see your comments.

See you soon,

Jane x


  1. Pauline, you should have given your shoe a matching glittered sole.... Watch out Louboutin!

    1. Oh yes that would have been really cool !!
      P xx


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