Sunday, 24 January 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016


How are we all??

I've just had another look at how the
B Challenge is coming along and oh my
goodness we have 33 entries so far and
 the link isn't closed yet!!
Wow, thank you to everyone who is entering!

So, today I am here to announce our 
next letter.  Sometimes when I do this
it will not just be a letter but perhaps
something that has to be added in with the 
letter......just to keep you on your 

I decided to give the DT the chance to
pick the letters for the next few 
weeks.  First up is Neil and he picked ......


This time there will be no extra bits added
but I have to warn you, next time Dawn has 
picked the letter and added something to 
be used with it!

So, your mission, should you wish to accept
it, is to pick a word beginning with Q and
use that for your project, not forgetting to add
the definition in your work.  We must be able to
see that definition in your creation!

What have the DT been up to then.....

 Karen has chosen to use a printers
tray, using a different square for each

Karen's Q for queen using an old postage stamp.

Dawn has decorated journal pages
with Q for quartet

and Q for Quintet

Oh my goodness, huge apologies to
Neil as I managed to miss adding this....

Q is for Quirk...

I'm so looking forward to seeing what your
 Q will be!

Well I'm sure you know the rules by now,
you have two weeks and the link will close
at midnight on the 7th February.
If you cannot use the link then send your pic 
to me at
I will then add your pic for you.
The winner will be picked by Mr Random
Generator and announced on 
Tuesday the 9th.  A £10 voucher will
be up for grabs!

Have fun, enjoy the rest
of the weekend.

I'll be back on Tuesday with two
Challenge Winners!!

Jane x

Adding this picture for Rachel as
the link didn't work for her properly
Q for Quince

No 24 Rachel's Art

Adding this from Eva in France
Q for Quatre (4 in French)


  1. Q - hmmm a toughie this time I think - or at least I did till I saw what the team have created - love their inspiration. Will be taking a look at my dictionary later to see what I can come up with. Annie xxx

  2. Now that's tricky one but at least it's not X yet! Good to see so many entries, I really enjoyed playing with B x

  3. Yes much more difficult than B!

  4. I have just the stamp for this one, just hope I can find it!! x

  5. Hmmm, one of the tricky ones. Great inspiration from the DT. Had so much fun with B. Off to see what the Oxford English Dictionary has to offer. Hugz

  6. I'm sure you will all rise to the occasion ha ha!! Blame Neil!!
    Jane x

  7. Good to get a tricky one out the way early. I've picked what I'm going to do but I think I'm going to have to find some drawing skills from somewhere for this one! Have fun everyone! Lou x

    1. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with Lou!
      Jane x

  8. Great ideas from the DT. Q was good fun to do x

  9. For moment there I thought I was going to run out of time, and only on letter 2! Phew!

  10. phew made it with a little time to spare, lovely DT inspiration.

  11. Made it with hours to spare! Thanks for a fab challenge xx


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