Sunday, 18 February 2018



Happy Sunday Everyone!

Hope you are enjoying a warm
and cosy, relaxing weekend.
It is wet, cold and........yes, you've
got it..........blowing a hooley!

Anyone got just two of the three?
Aren't you the lucky ones?!

Take a look at Craftyfield's mini
tutorial using those lovely little
boxes from Tando

"Since the Craft Barn was having a sale
 in January, I grabbed a few bits and 
pieces... I wanted to explore the possibilities 
offered by the Cubbeys with aperture and 
this is what I made  

The cubbeys need to be slotted 
and glued together but, 
depending on your chosen finish,
you will need to decorate first. 

I decided to go for paper rather than 
paint as I love the look of the
 Kaisercraft Basecoat papers and thought
 they would be perfect for my "inside walls".

The photo shows the pieces already
 papered on one side 
(what will be the inside") 
and the outside papers ready 
to be glued on the made-up cubbeys.

 I wanted to exploit the apertures 
and decided to use acetate as windows. 

One is inspired by churches stained 
glass windows, another is looking out on 
a landscape, both stamped and
 coloured with glass paints. 
The third one is a piece of printed acetate.

 Of course the point of it all is to
 see the sun streaming through and
 projecting coloured shadows... 

I am planning to showcase my cubbeys
 on a window sill for free and eco-friendly
 lighting, but you could always place
 it anywhere with a small candle behind
 (electric preferably).

I placed a few embellishments I made 
with paper clay, some Kaisercraft flourishes 
and other crafty treasures from my stash
 on the larger side of the cubbeys."

Love the sun streaming through 
the windows Craftyfield.  Thank you
for this inspiring tutorial.

I'm sure you all know that the SALE 
continues throughout February.  I'm
off to see if anything more has been
added and of course I shall need to
check out the Tando section..........!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

PS:  If you need any clarification or 
extra information on any of the
projects we show, do please get in


  1. Gorgeous!!
    have a nice day

  2. Lovely idea, especially as we are now able to look forward to sunnier days. Happy Sunday X

  3. Super idea!!! And beautiful boxes with a little different decor inside each one ... Well done to Craftyfield :) xx


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