Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Colouring techniques: Isa

How about a bit of painting today? You might not know but Isa'sArt first painting medium were watercolours, which you can find in tubes, pans, 1/2 pans, pencils and sticks. Today, let's focus on the sticks

The sticks give you a lot of possibilities:
- you can pick up the colours as you would from pans
- you can colour your page with the stick and then blend with a wet brush, or a sponge or even spraying water on the page.
- you can mix them with other mediums

We sell the Derwent Inktense at the Craft Barn. Beautiful, "in(k)tense" colours to work with.

Here's a video which you can also find on our website that will show you how to use the sticks

Now over to Isabelle... 

The first thing I would recommend, when you invest in new products like paints, inks etc.. is to make a colour sample which will show you what the colours really look like. And it also mean that you can have a play with your new stash ;)
In this case, rub the stick on your card, and add the water from left to right to get a gradient effect.
Watercolours are transparent, the more water you add, the more transparent it gets.
For my sample today, I invite to have a PLAY to try out your watercolour sticks or pencils

I started by gluing a book page on a thick watercolour card. I then applied the colours next to each other. I then blended the colours with a wet brush (it is best to rinse your brush between each colour)
I then splattered black with a brush (as shown on the video - 6:30 min)

I then die cut my page, shaped the flowers, added a bit of dry white from the stick on the petals and added a brad in the center.
Doesn't this give you a lovely flower? 

Another tip?
Watercolour and gesso
To make the background for the tag, I started rubbed the stick on the grey card and then wet it with the brush: a simple way to make a distressed background.
I then used the card from the die-cuts and use it as a template to draw my flowers which I then paint picking up the colour from the stick with a wet brush.
Then I rub the blue stick on the tag and blend it with gesso this time, not water to get a lovely pastel effect.
A bit of stamping to finish it off (Crafty Individuals CI-326 and 328) and your tag is done ;)

Products Isabelle used:

See you tomorrow


  1. A stunning tag and this reminds me that I have some Derwent pencils somewhere! x

  2. Lovely tag, great texture on those flowers. Got distracted by Isa' Secret Nut over her blog had me mulling over ideas !

  3. Thanks Isa for sharing this technique - LOVE it! It takes some practice, but I will be using it in (near) future! I did my entry for the challenge with this one!

  4. Ce tag est absolument magnifique. J'adore...!!!!


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