Sunday 16 December 2012

Calendar challenge #12

Hi everyone, 
Well, that's it... last calendar challenge for this year. 
I hope you enjoyed making them. I sure loved visiting your blog every week. 

Theme this week:


Ok, not as difficult as I had promised, is it? 
It can be dry embossing or heat embossing, or even better: both.

Please note. 
This post is for the the last weekly challenge only. 

I will do a separate post (on Dec. 23rd) for those who have entered all 12 calendar challenges, week after week. There will be a special prize for you ;)

Remember to email me if you want your 15% discount code this week

For more details on how to enter our Calendar challenge, 
please click here. 

All the samples for this challenge should be posted below. 

Looking forward to see what you come up with.
Have fun creating !! 

This is a challenge for calendars only
Ce challenge est pour les calendriers uniquement

See you tomorrow


  1. Phew I was getting worried about this weeks theme - you had me going there Isabelle! Embossing is a great choice!

  2. Me too. Thought you maybe would combine some of the techniques from the past challenges so I am very pleased with this one.

  3. Great theme - thank you! My biggest dread was going to be a 'cute' theme as I wouldn't know where to start!


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