Saturday, 22 December 2012

DT showcase: Gay and Simply Saturday

It's always Clean and Simple on Saturdays on this blog and I know that many of you love those samples. 
Clean and Simple is NOT easy. I know because I personally struggle with it, and as Gay has been away, I have asked the team to "cover" on occasions and they struggle too. So many times I read "I don't know how  Gay does it".
Yet she makes it look so easy, with her beautiful and elegant style, I'm always "wowed" when I receive her samples. She won't like me writing this, as she does not think her work is "special", but I truly think it is, as she is too to us. She has been on a break for a while but I do hope she will be back with us in 2013. We miss you Gay. Thank you for all your beautiful samples.

Why don't you take a bit of time today to write a comment and let her know that her work is indeed gorgeous? Here are a few of her samples. It was very difficult to choose, once again, I hope you like those.

See you tomorrow


  1. They are all wonderful - I love her style

  2. Gay's work can be described by one word: Stunning! She captures everything inky which I love. She then strips it back, loses none of it's depth and produces beautiful pieces, each and every time. I can't choose a favourite from this list but I'll say that each and every one has a depth in terms of layers and composition that requires an artist to conceive. COME BACK GAY!!

  3. Oh my! Such wonderful projects lin this list! Many details to look at! Is the last one a canvas? It is so Beautiful!

  4. Gay's work is always inspirational and hopefully she will be back!
    Val x

  5. I love Gay's style and it is so difficult to achieve! I am the lucky recipient of one of her cards and it is simply stunning. If Gay can return, we should call Saturdays 'Simply Stunning Saturdays' instead?

  6. I too admire Gay's timeless elegant designs. They ARE special !

  7. I had to pin it all so much beauty and inspiration. Thanks.


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