Monday, 6 July 2015

Just in case......

Hi everyone,

Just letting you know now that I'm having huge problems with my 
Internet at the moment so if there is no post in the morning, I'm sorry,
it will appear at sometime, just depends when I can get it sorted. 
Engineer been called but who knows?? 
Huge apologies, 

Jane x


  1. Stuff happens. We will still be here. Hope you get a swift resolution. Hugz

  2. That's technology for you. Don't stress yourself out, not worth it. As ionabunny says, we'll still be here for you... Tk advantage, have a seat in the sunshine. C

  3. Thank you ladies, unfortunately the skies are very dark here, not much sunshine today and I'm busy preparing for my next class!
    However, the Internet is back at the moment and the post is now live yay!!!!!!!

    Jane x

  4. I emphathise with computer/internet problems' had to swop a broken hard drive and now Microsoft says my Windows version is not genuine!! Still at least it is warm and sunny here in S.W.France


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